6 Ways to Find Happiness in Nature

No matter what kind of a person you are, being in nature will do you good. Even if you haven’t spent too much time in the woods, mountains or among trees, silence and peace you can find there will make a world of difference compared to our busy lives. I strongly believe that coming back to nature is the best way to come back to our true selves, to who we are away from all the noise and ruckus of the modern age. If you’re willing to set off on new adventures, here are 6 ways to find happiness in nature while doing it.

1.     Find the Best Way to Spend Time

There are many things you can do in nature, and not every activity is a perfect fit for everyone. Some people want to spend their days basking in the sun and enjoying the beauty of the sky, while others are in the mood for hiking through beautiful scenery, discovering new horizons as they go. Like with everything else, the key to happiness is to find something that fits perfectly with your personality and then allow it to take you away in new exciting directions. Strolling through the woods can lead to exploring national parks all over the country, and hiking can lead to finding a passion for mountain climbing. You never know what can happen, so just go with the flow.

2.     Take In Surroundings Mindfully

When you’ve found a perfect spot to be in nature, breathe it in completely. Do your best to silence your mind as much as possible, and if you don’t succeed entirely, it’s completely fine, don’t stress. Just do as much as you can to be in the present moment, right where you are and cherish that you’re able to reconnect with nature. Take in your surroundings mindfully, pay attention to details around you – how the wind feels on your skin, the smells, cloud shapes, colors, just let your eyes wander and admire.

3.      Eat Fruits of the Earth

One of the main ways to find new appreciation for nature and all it has to offer is to savor the products of the Earth. If you’re used to supermarket food, then eating fresh organic produce will be like a constant explosion of tastes in your mouth and you won’t be able to get enough. If you manage to incorporate a weekend nature getaway with consuming amazing food that comes from it, you can be sure that you will always be back for more.

4.     Stand or Walk Barefoot

Ok, I wasn’t aware how much of a game changer this is until I’ve tried it. Of course it’s going to be a bit strange at first, especially if you’re not used it, but take it step by step. For starters, stand barefoot in the grass for a couple of minutes, close your eyes, breathe and see how you feel after that (spoiler alert: it’s amazing). After that, go for a little walk on a terrain you know it’s safe to walk on without your shoes and experience how your whole body reacts to being so much more connected to the ground. Chances are that you will feel more grounded, yet lighter than ever.

5.     Stargazing

Nothing quite beats stargazing, particularly if you live in a big city, from where you can’t see the stars from all the smog and lights. When you get more secluded in nature, wherever it is, the skies will explode above you and you won’t be able to get enough of them. Seriously, it’s a completely captivating experience. Head out when the night falls, bring a couple of blankets with you, lie down on the ground and look up. The rest of the world will quickly fall away, and what I like to do is lie down in a hammock in the open, that way it feels like I’m floating in space.

6.     Grow Your Own Garden

If you want to bring nature closer to you, there’s no better way to do that than plant and grow something from a seed. There’s a unique creative energy involved in this process as you watch your first pot of flowers bloom, or your tomato sprout give you the first tomato. You’ll be extremely proud of yourself, not to mention exhilarated that you’ve managed to singlehandedly grow something. Also, once you get the hang of it, it will be easier for you to find time not only to take care of your garden but also be more mindful of how you’re treating yourself and nature in general.

Howard Scalia is 37-year-old former scout leader from Austin, Texas, and one of the best and most trusted blog writers at www.prosurvivalist.com. When he’s not working on some new interesting article, he enjoys taking long walks in the woods with his dogs.


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