Creative Outlets to Boost Self-Awareness

Many times, it is when we are listening to a song, reading a book, or admiring a painting that we feel the strongest of emotions. This is because the creative artist who made these works is expressing their emotions in their purest form. It is when the artist has reflected upon themselves and expressed in one way or another what they are thinking and feeling.

Any creative outlet is a powerful form of self-expression. If you’ve ever painted anything, played an instrument, danced to your favorite song, or wrote in your journal, you know the significant impact creativity has on your well-being. Although you may have felt this before, you may not know precisely why. There are reasons you may turn to a creative outlet when trying to process how you feel. Being conscious of these reasons and exploring your creativity further can boost your level of self-awareness.

Art and Self-Evaluation

The evolution of Pablo Picasso’s self-portraits is fascinating. His Blue Period self-portrait captured a somber and poor Picasso. Additionally, his Cubism self-portrait depicted how Picasso saw himself from multiple perspectives. While you may not be Picasso, painting, drawing, sculpting, and other similar forms of art can help you make sense of how you see the world around you.

They can also help you to understand how you see yourself by processing your self-evaluation into a physical representation. Self-evaluation is crucial in the furthering development. For your self-awareness, self-evaluation allows you to understand how you view yourself, the world, and how to move forward. Art is one way you can expand upon your ability to self-evaluate.

We can easily express our mood and how we feel about ourselves by creating artwork. Even out of the most unconventional methods, art can be made. Take a look at how artist Sharon Zigrossi has turned something as ugly as rusted hubcaps into beautiful blooming flowers. This is an artist who chooses to see beauty in even the most unsightly things in the world. This artwork is a reflection of a happy woman who has decided to highlight the beauty of everyday objects. This is what creativity can do. Whether you are happy, sad, angry, or are feeling any other emotion, creating artwork allows you to reflect upon your intangible feelings. Not only that, but turn them into an actual manifestation.

Music, Dance, and Self-Expression

Your exploration of self-development cannot be completed without understanding how to express yourself. It is too often that people walk through life with their head down. For instance, never speaking up in office meetings or feeling awkward and shy in social settings. This is primarily because they have never searched for and found their way of self-expression.

If you’ve ever looked at a performing musician or dancer, you’ll notice that they are pouring out their heart soul into their craft. Playing and listening to music, as well as dancing, are creative outlets. These creative outlets can easily express your individuality and understand yourself. It is well documented that listening to music has therapeutic benefits, and is even used in counseling. Music and dance possess strong expressive qualities. They also allow you to understand yourself more deeply, bolstering your overall self-awareness.

Writing and Self-Talk

You don’t have to be a novelist to write. Just keeping a journal to record your thoughts and feelings can do wonders for your self-esteem, positivity, and overall health and well-being. Writing in your journal allows you to reflect upon yourself and how you feel. A quick brainstorm can be an emotional release. Furthermore, it turns your abstract and complex feelings into a reality you can better analyze.

Additionally, a look back at your journaling sessions can help you determine how you talk to yourself. If you find that you are talking to yourself negatively, you can take steps to reverse your negative self-talk. This process can improve your overall happiness. Negative self-talk is toxic, however, positive self-talk will give you confidence. This confidence and happiness will increase your overall self-awareness.

These creative outlets don’t only subscribe to the self-awareness aspects above. Any creative outlet allows for the reflection and self-development needed for your overall happiness and well-being. So, get out there and write, dance, listen to music, or paint a portrait. Soon you’ll find that you are more in tune with yourself — creating a happier, healthier you.

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