Define Your Own Success and the End Result Will Be Happiness

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When you define your own motive for gaining success, the end result will be happiness. Within every person is a very unique set of needs and wants that must be fulfilled in order to experience the feelings of joy, success, and genuine happiness. Because this set of desires is different for everyone, you must be able to tap into and decode your own path. In decoding this pathway, you’ll need to take a personal assessment of your own values and views of what constitutes happiness and success in your opinion.The first step in revealing your definition is to ask yourself ‘how do you measure and define success?’ What are your true needs and desires that will result in happiness from your life? When you have an answer, this will become your definition for your own motivation. Set your goals according to what motivates you, keeping in mind that success is only what you think it is and how your mind perceives it. People who are vague and uncertain in defining their motivation, may never attain long-term success. When realizing that being vague and uncertain are self-imposed conditions, the importance of clarity in your definition will be evident in the process of changing and improving your life

Every person has their own definition of what being successful means. Maybe success to you is having alot of material things, such as cars, boats, houses, etc. However, other people may feel like success is having more time to spend with their family, or maybe just having peace in their life. Most people think that it’s money that they want and what will make them happy. When they buy “things” they want with the money that they feel that they have slaved to earn, it still doesn’t make their lives “happy”. Many times they don’t realize that money is just a ‘vehicle’ that they may need to get what their soul ‘really’ wants…

When you find your definition, keep your mind on it and stay focused. As an example of a way to retain focus, I have even gone so far as to change my desktop picture to a graphic of something that I really want… it’s a picture of an RV by the lake, people fishing, the sun is just setting, campfire is burning with chairs around it, kids roasting marshmallows… Can you tell what my mind is telling me that I really want? Relaxation. Peace. A feeling of freedom. The picture doesn’t tell my mind that I want to buy a new RV or that I want to go fishing more, even though those are true, my mind’s eye really sees this as having peace and relaxation. So, maybe it’s a new car, new house, being debt free, or going to Hawaii that you have as your goal. Whatever it is for you, keep your mind on it and let it be your motivation to succeed..

Understanding your definition has an important role in determining your level of success in your life and in your business. Don’t forget what it is that you really want. Get a clear vision of the future that you would like to have and focus solely on it and make it your motivation to getting what you truly want. Motivation comes from within and it is the key to achieving success at work and at home.

Self-defeating issues such as fear, anxiety, indecisiveness, procrastination, and perfectionism can be major contributors to a lack of motivation. It’s important to clarify your goals and then work to achieve them. All of these psychological issues cause you to lose sight of your goals unless you take the necessary action to rid yourself of them. Coming to grips with personal issues is important in realizing why you do these things that lower your success level and then taking steps to change. Don’t worry about setbacks and don’t dwell on mistakes. Focus instead on your perception of success and soon enough you will stop dwelling on shortcomings and instead come to expect the best from yourself.

Keep your mind on the goal at hand and don’t let your mind stray from it. This is what will determine your desire to make things work in your life and in your business. If you focus on self-discipline and proper time management, you will be able to change those old thinking habits into a lifelong formula for success. You can get motivated and stay focused by implementing a few changes and following a few personal rules.

Establish your plan, follow it carefully, and forgive yourself for imperfections. You will soon transform your life of chronic doubt and fear into one of a highly motivated, disciplined individual.

The people who find their own definition are those who achieve amazing levels of success in life and enjoy a rich happiness. Observing those who seem to be successful in your view, can be an excellent way to duplicate their success. Along your journey to success and happiness, you need to follow three basic principles; discover what it is that you truly desire, discipline yourself to achieve them and remain focused on the end result.

Go ahead and decide your own future by asking yourself what will be the outcome of your life

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