Five Ways to Show the Court That You Deserve Early Termination of Your Probation

Being on probation isn’t easy, and it’s not fun. It’s definitely an experience you don’t want to prolong. Fortunately, it is possible to demonstrate to the courts that you deserve early termination of your probation.

It’s not easy. It does require dedication and hard work. It’s also important to note that just because you demonstrate that you’re taking the steps to better your life,  it doesn’t mean they will actually shorten your probation. It depends on your particular offense and your past criminal history too.

However, it’s always worth a try! Here are five ways you can show your probation officer that you deserve to be taken off probation early.

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Follow the Terms of Your Probation

Every probation sentence comes with its own terms. Some terms are stated with nearly every probation, while others are unique to the offender and the offense.

A few possible early probation terms might include:

  • Meeting with your probation officer at scheduled times
  • Appearing in court, when and if scheduled
  • Paying fines or restitution
  • Not going certain places or interacting with certain people
  • Not engaging in certain activities
  • Staying in the state
  • Submitting to drug and alcohol testing

Make sure you discuss the terms of your probation with your probation officer and ask any questions you may have. Even if you do everything else on the list, if you don’t follow the terms of your probation, there’s no chance for early termination of your probation.

Attend School or Obtain Your Diploma

If you haven’t obtained your high school diploma, taking the steps to get it and/or obtaining it while on probation can go a long way towards showing your probation officer that you deserve to be let go early.

If you already have your high school diploma, work towards a college degree. There are many reasons to go to college, which includes the potential to earn a higher salary and work in a field you’re interested in, but it also shows your probation officer that you have the dedication it takes to build the kind of life you want. This makes it possible for your probation officer to consider early termination of your probation.

Getting a Job and Showing up Regularly

Getting a job isn’t easy when you’re on probation. Many employers simply won’t hire someone they know has broken the law. But, if you do manage to get a job, and you keep it by showing up on time when you’re supposed to, you can demonstrate to your probation officer and the courts that you’re serious about turning your life around.

How do you go about getting a job when you’re on probation? A few tips include:

  • Explain your probation status and be willing to answer their questions about the crime you committed and what you’re doing to improve your future.
  • Don’t be afraid to discuss other job opportunities in the area. The interviewer may know about businesses in the area that will hire employees with a criminal history.
  • Beef up your references, and ask friends and family members to refer you for jobs where they work.
  • If you can’t find a job, consider starting your own business.


Demonstrating that you’re integrating yourself into the community is a great way to show that you deserve to be taken off probation early. One of the best ways to do that is by volunteering.

Not only does it show the courts that you care about making the community where you live a better place, but it can also have some profound effects on you personally. There are many benefits of volunteering that include improving your self-esteem, your emotional stability, and it can decrease loneliness.

Doing Something Tangible to Better Yourself

It is really all about showing your probation officer that you’re doing the work needed to make yourself a better person. That means showing them you’re taking care of the personal issues that led you to break the law.

Take an anger management class, attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, or hire a therapist. Even taking an adult education class through your local college can demonstrate that you’re evolving as a person.

It is important to do these things if they are part of your probation plan, but if they aren’t, you should do them anyway. If they aren’t part of your plan, they can have an even greater impact on the duration of your probation.

Just because your probation plan has an end date listed doesn’t mean it is written in stone. It is possible to get early termination of your probation.

probation earlier than your plan recommends, as long as you show your probation officer you’ve earned it.

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