How Your Outer Appearance Reflects on Your Inner Beauty

 Although beauty standards have changed over the years together with social norms, one thing has remained the same – the importance of physical appearance. Whether you want to admit it or not, physical appearance plays a great role in every aspect of your life. It has an impact on your career, your choice of partner, and, most importantly, your inner beauty. But, what exactly is inner beauty? Simply speaking, inner beauty is your personality and the way you express it to the world. However, by letting the physical appearance, or better said, your perception of it affect your self-esteem, self-worth, happiness and positivity, you actually allow outer appearance to reflect on your inner beauty.

Appearance and confidence

We live in the world where beauty standards are increasing day by day. Consequently, many people, especially women, tend to be too critical of their bodies. No matter how attractive they look, they can always find something on their body that simply doesn’t fit their image of the ideal. Therefore, it’s not a rare thing to hear an attractive woman saying how she doesn’t consider herself beautiful. The reason for such a lack of confidence lies in the opinion you have on your appearance.

Therefore, you should focus on your advantages instead of imperfections if you want to boost your confidence. So, next time you look in the mirror, ignore pimples or messy hair and concentrate on three features you like. Be persistent in doing this exercise and after a while, you’ll notice how you can only compliment your appearance.

As contradictory as it might seem, another way to prevent outer appearance from reflecting on your inner beauty is to wear makeup. Apparently, scientists claim that makeup can build the confidence among women by making them feel more attractive. They call this phenomenon “the lipstick effect”. Therefore, try wearing a bold color lipstick and natural looking false eyelashes and glow with confidence.

Appearance and self-worth

 According to the studies, people tend to subconsciously connect attractive appearance to the competence and intelligence. For this reason, those who don’t feel confident in their bodies might lack self-worth, too. However, the path towards self-worth doesn’t imply spending time and money on your appearance but investing energy in improving other characteristics of your personality.

The secret to self-worth is finding your passion and the way to cherish it. So, take up the cooking class, learn a new language, take care of people around you. In a short time you’ll realize that you don’t need a perfect appearance to feel important. As soon as you start to appreciate yourself, other people will respect you, too.

Appearance and happiness

 You’ve probably noticed by now that traits of your inner beauty affected by outer appearance are interconnected. Understandably, when you’re dissatisfied with your appearance, you cannot be entirely happy. The more confident you are, the happier you’d be.

Not only does appearance reflect on your happiness, but their relation can be reversed. According to the research, people who smile and make eye contact are considered to be more attractive. Apparently, when people see you smiling, their brain recognizes it as a reward, which makes them think of you as an attractive and honest person. So, put that pretty smile on your face!

Appearance and positive thinking

As revealed by Glamour magazine survey, women have approximately 13 negative thoughts on a daily basis regarding their body. But, constant negative thinking can shape your brain and thus influence the way you see yourself. And, vice versa. For this reason, you should embrace your flaws and learn to love yourself. Turn negative feelings into positive thinking and people will notice that.

Unfortunately, our society has made us overestimate the significance of outer appearance. Of course, no one can deny its influence. However, the same way our appearance influences our inner beauty, our inner beauty influences our outer appearance. So, instead of wasting your energy on judging your body and fixing every little imperfection, better work on your character and inner beauty. Because, one day, that will be the only thing that matters.

About the Author

Hannah Thomas is makeup and home décor enthusiast. Garden is the place where she feels most comfortable, that’s why there are always a lot of books and empty coffee cups on the back porch.  Always learning, exploring and smiling.

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