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5 Reasons People Love Living a Sober Life - Self Improvement

5 Reasons People Love Living a Sober Life

Some people can’t enjoy a life that’s free from alcohol and drugs. This is because they believe that they will forget about their problems when they are not sober. Others drink because it helps them relax. The problem with being addicted to drinking and drugs is that you become enslaved to the vice. In fact, most addicts want to quit drinking but they don’t know how to go about it. Those who don’t drink maintain sobriety because they know the negative effects of being an addict. They are actually discouraged by the miserable lives of those who have become dependent on drugs and alcohol.  Some try and fail because they continue hanging out with the wrong company after coming out of a rehab facility. Continue reading below to know why the majority of people prefer living a  sober life.

  1. You Spend Money Wisely

It’s not easy to save money for a rainy day when all you do is drink alcohol and take drugs. Research actually shows that those who are hardly sober spend almost every penny they have on buying drinks and drugs for themselves and their buddies. When such people run out of money, they start selling their household items at a throw-away price, just to get the money that’s enough to buy a few bottles of their favorite drink. They even steal from their friends and relatives. They eventually lose the ability to sustain themselves and those that depend on them. When you maintain a sober life, having money on the side becomes a lifestyle. This is because you are conscious of your responsibilities and you can’t, therefore, spend your hard earned money on stuff that doesn’t add any value to your life.

  1. Maintain Good Health

Alcohol is one of those things that deteriorate your health. As a matter of fact, drinking alcohol too often makes you vulnerable to certain diseases. For a start, too much alcohol triggers high blood pressure, which puts you at high risk of getting a heart attack. Besides that, alcohol is known to increase your chances of being infertile or suffering from erectile dysfunction. And that’s not all, alcohol intoxicates your kidneys and liver. When you live a life that’s free from alcohol and drugs, you reduce your chances of getting ill. This is because living a sober life boosts your immunity.

  1. Build Lasting Relationships

People who are always drunk can rarely maintain a relationship with anyone. They are actually considered as a bunch of losers because they can never commit to anything. For instance, an alcoholic parent can’t spend quality with family because he can’t have a meaningful conversation with his spouse or children. Besides that, not being sober contributes directly to infidelity. There are actually many families that have been broken by alcoholism and drug addiction. Moreover, people prefer to avoid addicts due to the fact that they can’t be trusted with anything. When you stop drinking, you can be sure that you will always be there when your family needs you. You will also be able to build long-lasting relationships with colleagues and relatives when you begin living a sober life.

  1. Maintain Productivity

Employers don’t have a taste for people that drink all the time. This is because their productivity is always dwindling, which leaves their employers counting losses. In fact, most addicts can hardly remain in one job for many years as they are usually fired due to reporting late or operating machinery when they are under the influence of alcohol. Since alcohol denies you a chance to get quality sleep, you will not be able to concentrate on anything while at work. But when you are sober, you will certainly do an excellent job that’s free from flaws. If you maintain such consistency in your performance, your employer will definitely give you a pay rise.

  1. Improved Appearance

Indulging in alcohol for several years makes you look older than you really are. This is because it dehydrates your skin, leaving you with creases. The numerous accidents that you suffer from time to time and fights you engage in cause your skin to have many scars. In fact, most addicts rarely groom themselves. Even taking a bath or a shower is usually a problem. Most people don’t want to associate themselves with someone that looks scary and smells awful. When you maintain sobriety, people will definitely want to hang out with you without feeling ashamed. This feeling of being wanted by others boosts your self-esteem.

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