Living Positively in a Negative World: 5 Tips to Help Unleash the Power of Happy in Your Life

It’s easy to let external negativity affect the way you perceive and react to the world around you. In fact, we don’t realize that’s what’s happening on a conscious level most of the time. While it may take effort to create a more positive mindset for yourself, accessing positivity through your actions will help you relieve stress and live a happier way of life.

Start Each Day with Positive Affirmations

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We often don’t give much thought to the ensuing day when we awaken. We may think about the tasks we need to accomplish, but we don’t really think about the mindset we’ll have as we tackle those duties. By telling yourself that you’ll have a good day or that you’ll be successful in your endeavors, you’re creating a more positive way of thinking for yourself.

Don’t Let Bad Circumstances Throw You off Track

No matter how positively you approach life, bad circumstances will come your way. It’s just a fact of living. However, controlling how you react to bad things can help you keep those events from throwing off your entire day. Try to find humor in the situation, or look for a way to turn the situation into a new opportunity.

Stay Away from Negative Messages

We expose ourselves to a great deal of influences without realizing it, especially as we scroll through our favorite social media sites. There is a lot of negative social and political commentary available online and viewing too much of it can color your perspective in unhealthy ways. When you are online, try to look for positive messages, humorous content, or media that makes you feel good. Focusing on more positive imagery can help you focus your mindset on the good things in life.

Get Some Exercise

The human body needs a minimum of 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity exercise each day, but physical activity can also affect your emotional health. As you work out, your brain will release endorphins, which are the “feel good” neurotransmitters that stimulate the pleasure center of the brain. When you get that natural high from exercise, you’ll find it impossible to maintain a negative mindset. You’ll feel happier and your thoughts will focus on positive thoughts.

End Each Day with Gratitude

Your last thoughts of each day will set the stage for how you awaken in the morning and start your day. If you go to bed feeling angry, you’ll most likely wake up in a bad mood. Instead of letting random thoughts control your mindset, you can take control by expressing gratitude for the good things in your life. No matter how bad your day was, there were good things in it as well. Take the time to appreciate the good things and feel grateful for experiencing them.

The truth is that it does take effort to recognize the positive things life has to offer, while negativity seems far more easily accessible. If you do start making an effort to welcome positive thinking into your life, you’ll begin retraining your mind to look for those things. Over time, this will reduce stress and self-destructive thoughts that lead toward negative mindsets. Go out and be a force for good in the world!

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