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Make Your Work Life Better—Simple Steps to Turn Into a Pro

Are you really acting like a Pro or just being an Amateur? This is something you ask when you sit back tired of noticing that despite putting in lots and lots of efforts you are unable to chase your dreams and fulfill your goals. You are all frustrated, waiting for a silver lining in the darkest cloud that can make your life better.  Would you like to make your work life better?

Just be honest with yourself and acknowledge the lacking you have been showing in your professional career. Its has been too long since you have truly stepped out of your comfort zone to demonstrate true professional skills and to show a real corporate attitude. The moment you admit this mistake you step forward into the process of becoming a pro.

Difference between an Amateur and a Pro:

First let me clear those doubtful clouds related to the concept of being an amateur. It is basically an aspect of mindset.

An amateur stops working when they achieve something, while the professionals keep on moving ahead. They achieve a set of goals the set some bigger and more complicate target to chase. It’s more like that an amateur has a goal whereas the pro has a process.

An amateur take every suggestion or coaching, as a criticism while the professional understand that there some room for weak spots in them which need to be fixed urgently to secure a good position.

An amateur person will think that knowledge is power while the professional will keep on guiding and transmitting his wisdom forward. Likewise, if you are an amateur you will consider short time outcomes, never stop complaining and will focus only on the negativity, whereas a pro is inclined towards long time outcomes, keep on improving his skills and stick to the positivity.

Knock Knock! It’s Time to Turn Pro!

Follow the three simple steps mentioned below and witness the sparkling change in your personality and so in your career.

Step #1 Amateur acts inconsistently while the Pro shows up everyday

The phenomena is a simple, if you are an amateur you will remain inconsistent in your planning and execution of that plan. For instance if you are a blogger or a writer you will not show so much of the dedication to remain present an update online. You will post then relax and then gain post whereas; a professional will set a target for every other hour or a schedule to follow for his online progress. He will look for different ways through which he can optimizes his readability and increases his readers circle. He will continue to prosper and focus on executing such strategies that can help him secure a better place.

Step #2 Professionals pass on his wisdom while an amateur will believe knowledge is power

When at work, you need to develop a leader’s attitude. You should be open to advices and be there when a friend needs your assistance in understanding any difficult concept or task. What an amateur believe is that by attaining more knowledge only than he can prosper, while the true professional is the one who not only gathers information but passes them to others as well. He shares his wisdom and steps ahead in discussing every aspect of it, to be more confident about the piece he holds in his mind. By doing so, he learns a lot during such activities and get further in the attempt of making his life better.

Step #3 Amateur has a goal while the Pro follows a process

The amateur sets a goal and work hard to achieve it. The next time they set similar goals and again work hard to achieve them. However, the thing here is that they set such goals for which they do not have to put themselves out of their comfort zones. For instance, if a writer can write up to thousand word in a day having good quality content he will never try to go beyond his limits. However, when it comes to a pro he will keep on chasing his goals in such a way that he will move forward after every achievement. He will be polishing his skills and creating a room for betterment with each step.

How to Bring Changes

Nothing can be achieved overnight. First like I said before, admit that you are being lazy. After that move a little forward. Set goals that you find difficult to achieve. Be consistent and keep on improving yourself and your skills. Never give up, it might happen that in the beginning you end up falling flat and you might keep on making flaws but gradually with time you will find the ray of hope and will notice a big difference within yourself.

Follow the inspiration set by leading professionals and bring possible changes within your attitude towards work. Even if you think that, you master some skills, do not just sit back, relax find rooms for flaws, and improve every bit. Life if too short to being live with frustration. Gear up and make your life better.

About the Author:

Julia Morison is a head hunter and a research specialist at US-Based Writing Agency. She loves to help people and is the mastermind behind MLA citation generator.  She is a traveler, a blogger, a techie and a social activist. When she not in her office, she spends her time writing and educating the masses. Follow her on Twitter


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