Moving Beyond Boxes

By Kenrick E. Cleveland

It’s likely everybody reading this, especially if you are in the world of sales, has gone through sales training, learned ‘the way’ to sell, maybe even the Carnegie method, perhaps features and benefits, or some other easily definable, package-able, pat way to interact with your clients and prospects to try to hammer away at them to buy your product or service.  These techniques have boxed many an excellent sales professional in to a certain degree and once I realized I was being hindered by this ineffective type of sales training, I had an awakening.

I would have to say that something that defines me and an awful lot of my work is existing ‘outside the box’. There is no quick fix or easy way out in persuasion.  The process of learning is ever expanding, limitless–as limitless as the mind and human nature and the different kinds of ways we all interact. Persuasion is as limitless as each individual person we come into contact with. In essence, while I’d like to think this is a subject that can be mastered, it is in fact constantly growing and becoming more, regenerating and transforming.

This is not something to fear. When confronted with something as vast as a new language, or learning a new musical instrument, or a new subject that has always interested you, instead of fearing how much there is to know (as in, ‘gee, there’s so much work to do’), my inclination is to be thrilled at how greatly enhanced my existence will be once I start to incorporate the practice or the learning or the languaging into my life.

We are working to truly get ourselves out of the sales box and to create a new paradigm, one that we like, that enables us to interact with our clients and powerfully persuade them.

So ‘thinking outside the box’ is an invitation to innovation, to creativity, and to freedom. The ‘box’ is a frame. And if you’re at all familiar with my work, you know the importance and power of framing. What the box contains, what the frames contain, are limited to perspective. When we enlarge the frame, when we open the box and let it all out, that is where the real power of persuasion and life and human nature in general, are set free.

I will make this one comment in support of boxes. t’s hard to be good at anything if you don’t know your boundaries. Once you learn the basics, the parameters, the building blocks, that’s when it’s time to expand and outgrow the limitations once presented by any body of knowledge.  The greatest musicians had to learn theory (unless they had preternatural or divine talents which simply allowed them to compose or create without consciously knowing theory).  After the foundation is laid out, then the real magic happens and unhindered improvisation or composition can occur.

The basics of persuasion is an open box which eventually will not contain you and you’ll find yourself expanding beyond the limits.

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