An app with 5 minute meditations for busy people

Simple Habit is a five minute app with meditations for busy people. We have a curated library of five minute meditations guided by the world’s leading teachers, available on iOS, Android, and web. You can think of it as the Netflix of mindfulness meditation. To download go to

What do you mean by that?

We have about 50 prominent meditation teachers from around the world, who teach at top tech companies and universities like Columbia University and the University of Pennsylvania. These are teachers who’d be paid a lot of money to teach at companies or do one-on-one trainings, but they’re otherwise unavailable. Many busy people don’t have the time or money to travel and pay for these sessions, or go to meditation centers for hour long meditations.

With Simple Habit, you have access to guided meditations from all of these teachers, ranging in topics and themes. We have popular meditations that are meant to be done right when you wake up in the morning, or right before public speaking, or before going to bed. We have a whole set of meditations that are perfect for starting a New Year’s resolution that we’re very excited about, like meditations for “Optimism” or “Start Fresh.”

You can search through all of the available meditations based on the situation, or once you explore our app and have a few favorite teachers, you can look through all of their meditations as well.

What is the history of Simple Habit?

I’m an ex-Wall Street banker, and after that was a stressed out entrepreneur at a startup. Early in my career I was very impatient and self-critical, and had no way to deal with stress until I started meditating. Knowing that you’re stressed is an important step, but finding a way to alleviate it is a whole different beast. When I started meditating, having five minutes to sit down and reflect made a huge difference. It calms down your nervous system and offers a new clarity of thinking. I was much happier and more grateful, and able to completely change my relationship with work.

There are many fantastic meditation apps out there, but I got tired of hearing the same few voices. I wanted a way to explore different teachers and guided meditations, but had no time to drive to and explore different studios. I came up with the idea of Simple Habit to solve this problem, bringing meditation to busy people like me.

We launched in iOS last June, and have already been featured by Apple several times. We recently just launched on Android and web. Our library of meditation teachers is constantly expanding, and we’re one of the only platforms that actually help teachers monetize their content.

Users can subscribe to Simple Habit on a monthly, yearly or lifetime plan. We’ve been growing 5-10% week over week, and already have over 150k users in just four months.

About Simple Habit

Simple Habit is a meditation and mindfulness app offering accessible, 5-minute meditations designed for busy people — ranging from urban professionals to students. Simple Habit’s unique platform offers hundreds of guided meditations from highly vetted teachers, addressing hundreds of specific topics – from deep sleep and stress reduction to study breaks and morning sickness.

Note from Irene

This is an easy download. I have an android so I used the Google Play Store.  I searched for “Simple Habit” and had it immediately.  I’m sure it is equally easy from Apple. There is a “7 day free”  period and after that a charge of $9.99 per month. If  you are stressed, need a chance to “escape” for a moment, or just want to learn to meditate, this is a great program and certainly worth the price.



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