Six Reasons Why A Dog makes Your Life So Much Better

A pet can be a great addition to any family and getting a dog would be a wonderful choice to make. Dogs are known as being loyal, man’s best buddy, and can bring a lot of joy to dog lovers as well as people who just so happen to live with dog lovers. However, having a dog in your life can also have so many other benefits which we can go on and on but, we will focus it down to six reasons why a ball of joyful fluff will make your life better.

Just seeing Rocky make me smile!

1.      Stress Relief

Dogs are able to help you relieve stress by simply playing with them. Playing or petting your new dog can calm you down as well as bring you some joy. This is because your brain will give off higher levels of serotonin and dopamine which are the neurotransmitter linked to pleasure and calmness. A dog’s happy face and wagging tail can remind you that life is not all bad.

2.      Responsibility

This is an old saying but it is a true one, having a dog can teach adults and children more responsibility but with quicker and physical results. Since the pet relies on you for their food, vet visits and exercise, when you look after them they are grateful and you can see that right away giving you a sense of accomplishment. Plus, having a dog can also give you a fitness routine because you have to take them for walks once or twice a day or burn calories while you play with them. You will have a lifelong fitness companion.

No words needed. Just pure love given.

3.      When You Feel Down

One of the greatest things about having a dog by your side is that they can give you comfort when you are having a bad day or feeling sad or even sick. Dogs are able to smell your body’s chemistry and they react according to it. Therefore, if you are feeling down a dog would often slowly approach (i.e. not act crazy and jump on you) you in a way to help cheer you up.

They can feel your emotions and giving a dog a hug can sometimes help matters a lot. Some dogs can be trained to detect when epileptic seizures are about to happen and know what to do to help people who suffer from this. Dogs can also be trained to bring medication and to look after people.

4.      Protection

All types of dogs want to protect their loved ones and regardless of the size and breed that they are, they will do the best that they can to keep everyone safe. A small dog could make a good alarm dog when they see or sense something that is odd and, as the saying goes, dynamite does come in small packages. However, a bigger dog does look more intimidating and has a louder bark to scare off unwanted visitors. Plus, dogs can bite when they feel as if their family is threatened by members that not a part of their pack.

5.      Entertainment

Nothing but joy.

A dog can bring a lot of excitement into your life since there is always something going on. You can play with them, teach them to do some tricks and exercise with them. However, the best things happen when your future dog is just being themselves in their silly moods. Plus, you will never feel lonely with them around since their presence can be a great comfort after a hard day of work.

6.      Social Interaction

A dog is more likely to increase your own interaction with other people since you will be taking them for walks and jogs etc. and most people love to greet a dog when they see them. Plus, since you would be taking them to the dog park quite often you are more likely to run into other like-minded dog lovers to start conversations with.

However, it would be a good idea to keep your eye on your dog just to make sure they do not go running off since losing a dog can be a terrible experience for anyone and one that you would not want anyone to go through. Therefore, if you see a dog (with their collar one) without their owner, remember to report lost dog so that the owner can find them.

A dog can be a lot of fun and they are worth the time, effort, and energy in having one if your life. There are many reasons to get a dog (besides the six we just listed) that can make your life better as well as keep you on your toes for some many more adventures and memories to come. The best type of dog is the one that chooses you.

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