The Little Joys of Saturday

I know that blog posts are supposed to be serious (or so they say) and have bullet points to make something clear and understood. But sometimes a day comes along that is just to be enjoyed and on that day there needs to be a post just to be enjoyed. Today is one of those days and so I want to talk about the little joys of Saturday.

I’ve always loved Saturday. When I used to work during the week, Saturday was a day to catch up on the chores around the house, do the laundry, shop for groceries and anything else that I needed, and a day to do something fun in the evening. But now I’m retired and no longer make that trek to an office or to the hospital or wherever my nursing job took me. Things are different after you retire.

After you retire, your days and weeks change. When you no longer go to a job somewhere away from home Monday through Friday, the days begin to be the same and it’s easy to get in a rut. It’s easy even to forget which day it is. Hmm. I wrote to the blog today so it must be Monday. No. I write to the blog every day. Try again. It’s Saturday so I should do laundry. Nope. You can do that any day you have enough for a load in the washer. It’s the weekend so I should plan something special. Special is every day now—it’s just up to me to make it so.

It was that thought that was on my mind when I got up this morning. Every day is special—it’s up to me to make it uniquely special today.

Today is Saturday and Saturday has its own little joys. For some reason, I still have the “Saturday is a day off” attitude and I like it.

The joys of Saturday start early today. When my grandson, Jack, was a wise 6-year- old, I often went to his soccer game on Saturday morning. If you haven’t seen six-year-olds play sports, you’ve missed something very special and sometimes very funny.

In little-league baseball last Spring, a little girl stood on her head on second base off and on during one game. That was interesting and amused the group of parents who came to watch their little super-stars.

In soccer, they run up and down the field seeming having no clue why. Occasionally they get in a tight cluster all trying to kick the ball at once. The ball goes nowhere.  A few kids seem to get the idea of what’s going on and once in a while actually kick the ball into the net. Some wander around looking at the sky, some count things they see around, and some play soccer. The  highlights of the game include having oranges at the break and reaching out for the hands of the opposition at the end and repeating over and over, “good game, good game.”

Saturday is a great day to go to the dollar store—always an adventure there. No matter how affluent you are, the dollar store is fun.

It’ s also the perfect day to wander around in the used bookstore next door. I find used bookstores much more fascinating than stores that sell new books, although I have a passion for books anywhere I find them. But used bookstores have a special “old friend” feeling to them.

Saturday is also library day. I love the library. Libraries these days don’t have that lovely musty book smell they used to have. But they’re still a delightful Saturday (or any day) refuge. Our library has a place to sit in a big comfortable chair looking outside at a lush  park and I love to take some time to sit, read and “people watch.”

Rumi, the great Sufi poet, said: “The soul is here for its own joy.” Joy can be found almost anywhere and I love especially the little joys of Saturday.  Saturday is a microcosm of life.  Like Saturday, Life is always special but it’s up to me to make it so.

Where do you find your little joys?

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