The Pursuit of Happiness: Living A Sober Life

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Written in the Declaration of Independence, that phrase can also be an analogy for those of us who have struggled with addiction. Living a sober life changes us for the better. We feel free and liberated. We begin to go on the endless pursuit of happiness that we could never find throughout our addiction.

Life in Sobriety

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The thought of living without substances is frightening, especially in early sobriety. Discovering who we are as a sober human being is a challenge. We feel lost and confused. We have no clue who we are without substances. Drugs and alcohol were our medicine and our escape from reality. Sobriety is not about the destination, it is about the journey. Self-discovery is the best part of this journey. We do take on a whole new identity as a human once the substances are gone. A better, stronger, resilient, selfless, sympathetic and caring human.

We become a person we never imagined we were capable of being. We are given another chance at life that is not to be taken for granted. A chance to live a better, honest, more meaningful life. Sobriety allows us to reinvent ourselves. Over time our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health improves. Getting sober allows us to rebuild bridges with family, friends and loved ones. We get to learn and grow from our mistakes. As a result, our mistakes and experiences are used to help others. We can give back what has been freely given to us. Life in sobriety is a life worth living

Liberty in Sobriety

Sobriety is one of the most liberating experiences one could ever have in life. No longer enslaved as a chemical prisoner, sobriety gives us a  new found freedom. So many solid, rewarding doors open once we close the revolving doors of our past. We are capable of functioning as a normal human being. We become much more responsible and accountable. And we can accomplish things that we have never thought possible in sobriety. Many people achieve success after getting sober. Goals such as going to school and obtaining college degrees, opening a business, buying a house, getting married and starting a family becomes a reality. The possibilities are endless in the pursuit of happiness in sobriety.

The Pursuit of Happiness in Sobriety

Everyone wants and deserves to find happiness. Those who have struggled with addiction are able to appreciate and be grateful for the simple, little things compared to a normal person. I believe that is why former addicts and alcoholics are able to find happiness that few will ever know. We know what rock bottom feels like one or more times. We have been to dark places that seemed impossible to crawl out of. I call these black hole experiences. The black hole experiences are necessary in order for the white light experiences that are common among the recovery community to occur. The endless pursuit of happiness begins on the last day we pick up a drink or drug.

About the Author

Kevin is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic. He writes for websites in hopes of encouraging and inspiring others who struggle with addiction. He has found purpose in guiding other addicts and alcoholics on the path of sobriety.

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