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What is your Success Meter? - Self Improvement

What is your Success Meter?

We talk a lot about success. Do you have a success meter and do you know what it is? The following story may help you with this.

A story

In 1983, a young talented guitarist was kicked out of his dream-band. He was delirious with joy even just before the manager called him at his office to kick him out. Just three days to go to record his first album —-but then, a worse thing than death to him.  No reason, no complaints, no fight, just shown the door.

For no reason.

So, as he sat on the bus from Los Angeles to New York, you know what he did. He cried. What did I do wrong? Just, how did this happen? I have worked so, so hard to get here, and now this. Let me jump from the roof of this bus. I would never go home.

But he went home. When he stepped out of the bus, his tears were evaporated by the heat of his anger. How dare they fire him? Who are they? Just a crappy band with a dozen songs and 1k fans? Blah. He was over his self-pitying. He was not that guy to quit guitaring. He would build his own band. He would throw concerts in New York in front of them, while they eat popcorn with their ugly bank accounts and ugly wives. He would become more famous than them.

He was right. His name was Dave Mustaine. He founded the band Megadeth. Later on, Megadeth would tour the whole world and sell 25 million albums. Today, Mustaine is considered one of the most brilliant and influential musicians in the history of heavy metal music.

But, unfortunately, the band which kicked him out was Metallica, which has sold over 180 million albums worldwide. Metallica is considered by many to be one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

So this man, Dave Mustaine was a success freak. You can just guess how successful he was. He has billions of fans. He had no guitaring background and from no rich family. From crap, he had made a billionaire of himself. Just his success was fuelled by his anger. Normally, people would say, “See, he believed in himself.” But he always sought revenge. That is why he is who he is now. He was overtly successful. Or, was he?

In a rare interview in his old age, he said with tears that he had never tasted success. Wow, so much money, so many fans. But he was not successful.  Success meant to him—be more famous than Metallica. Which he was not. So, he was not successful.

Now, you and I will laugh at his condition. But to him, he had worked so hard, but his life was a failure.

Success or Failure?

Our success is determined by our own success-meters. Someone’s success (a day laborer earning Rs. 120 a day or $1.67 USD) can be your failure. While someone’s failure (like Dave’s) can be your success. Dave Mustaine was:

  1.  A failure (according to his success meter)
  2.  A success (according to my success meter)

We like to determine other’s success-failures by our own success meter. If you ask what is success in life, many of us would respond—get a nice job, get paid good money, get a car, get a selfie-ready spouse, get two cute kids. These are highly successful in their success meters. But not in others. That is why your parents state your cousin as a total failure because he dropped graduation for purposing his singing career, though he has concerts regularly and gets 10k likes on each song on YouTube. So, you define what is successful, either consciously or unconsciously.

The Success Meter

Don’t get fazed by other’s success meters. Maybe your dad is a lecturer at a university and wants you to do the same. Rather, you want to start your own business. Just think, would you be happier if you be a lecturer and get paid nicely? Or would you be happier if you build your business and it collapses and you become poor? Your answer tells something about your success meter. Do what you think is successful. Forget any stereotype, be a lecturer if you want to. Or start a business.

About the Author

Arjune Das: I am a teen self-help author. I give self-help advice that does not suck. Some people think of me as an idiot, while others as life-saver. Link of my blog site:


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