Five tricks to beat your unhealthy eating habits

Are you tired of your unhealthy eating habits? Are you thinking of a solution to it? Then, this article is for you. Beating your unhealthy eating habits requires time, energy and determination.

Beat your unhealthy eating habits

If you have been thinking of effective ways of beating your unhealthy habits, then here are five tips and tricks that will help you.

The principles discussed here have been tested and proven to be reliable and effective:

Never skip breakfast

Medical research shows that eating within 30 minutes after you wake up can regulate your glucose levels. Also skipping breakfast can make you eat more foods than your body required during lunch.

For breakfast, always aim to eat something that is rich in protein such as oatmeal or egg white omelet with blueberries, which will help you in staying alert all day long.

Whatever you eat reflect in your daily activities. Eating the right foods helps you to be productive, and more creative. Eat only the things that make you feel alive and active and don’t just eat anything you see, instead eat the right foods, and you will feel better at all times.

Use a mint to master portion control

One of the biggest problems people experience is eating more than their body needs. Overeating is unhealthy. One of the best ways to conquer overeating is by chewing gum or having a mint once you feel you have eaten enough.

The strong scent that oozes out from a mint will naturally suppress your desire to eat more. This is actually a research study conducted by a group of psychologists at the University of West Virginia. The point we are trying to explain here is that using a mint can control your appetite by 70% or slightly higher.

Cut sugar and starch (gradually)

  Eating high carbohydrate food or thigh sugar is not good for your health, it will make you feel unwell or like crap. As you strive to cut sugar and starch from your diet, you need to know that virtually everything that you buy from a grocery store contains one form of starch or sugar.

When it comes to cutting an old habit and creating a new one, all you need is to develop the willpower that will enable you to take one step at a time; it takes time, energy and resources to get it done. First, you need to start by restructuring what you eat and how you eat.

If you can, try and be eating starchy or sugary foods once in five days. After three weeks, you can move to eat it once in seven days. Keep repeating this cycle, until you can minimize your intake of starch and sugar.

Prioritize your produce

It is important to quit eating junk, instead take fruits and vegetables. If you do this consistently, there are chances that you will burn more calories.

Switch to a smaller glass

Don’t get carried away by the sparkling crystal glasses in your house—they might motivate you to drink more than necessary, and if such happens, you may end up taking in more nutrient-deficient calories than your body requires.

So, all you should do is to try and switch to using smaller glass since using bigger glasses can make you drink more. This is based on available research.

There you have it—five tricks to help you beat your unhealthy eating habits.  Enjoy!

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