Reclaim Your Body and Self-Confidence with Tattoos

Scars may be psychological, emotional, or physical, and they affect people in different ways. Physical scars often spill over into the psychological and emotional aspects of our lives and cause lower self-confidence or serious issues with self-image. Scars may result from self-harm, surgery, abuse, or accidents.

According to research, between 13 and 23% of burn victims or people with severe facial scarring suffer from depression, and between 13 and 45% suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, all of which significantly affect self-confidence. MA majority of the studies about scars have maintained a focus on facial scars, since those are the easiest to notice, but there have been other studies that considered scars on other parts of the body. For example, a survey performed in 2003 discovered a tiny but significant correlation between how people felt they were perceived and the visibility of a scar on any part of their body. People who had visible scars felt stigmatized, and believed they were less attractive.

Scars can be extremely damaging to the human psyche and have undesirable effects on the way we feel about ourselves. Low self-esteem, self-resentment, depression and other psychological ills could be aggravated depending on the source of the scar. It is often necessary to seek professional help by going to a qualified psychologist, but other than psychological help, there is a way to get our confidence back – getting a tattoo.

Using tattoos to cover scars not only has a physical advantage, but can be an important part of psychological healing. For instance, tattoos have been used to help self-harm victims not only cover the scars, but move forward and past their unsavoury history. For such persons, the scars serve as a reminder of a past they would rather forget, and covering them up in tattoos is a great way to help them heal for good. They stop being constantly haunted by the scars when to go to the mall and only shop for long-sleeved clothing, or when their scars are accidentally exposed and they feel the disapproving glares of strangers.

Recently, a Chinese tattoo artist, Shi Hailei, was shot up to the limelight when he offered to cover C-section scars for free. He was inspired by a Brazilian artist who covered up scars from domestic violence, and has been helping Chinese women boost their self-esteem after having a baby through a caesarean section. With his help, not only will these women get over the fear of accidentally exposing their bellies to reveal ugly scars, but they would also save money spent buying creams to cover up the scars.

Other than the aforementioned, there are other types of scars that can be covered up with tattoos. If you have any scars you would like to cover with a tattoo, it is best to seek the help of a professional such as a psychologist if you are also dealing with psychological issues, or a medical practitioner in order to ensure you won’t be aggravating your wounds, especially if the scar is not that old. Once you are certain this is what you want to do, only go to the best tattoo shop in town, like Firme Copias in San Antonio, Texas.

Whatever design you choose for your tattoo is entirely up to you. You can go from the simplest design to the most intricate and complicated one, however, the design and size of the tattoo you get eventually may depend on the nature and size of your scar. In the end, the most important thing is to go with what makes you feel great.

Editor’s note: This is a promotional article.

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