How to Start a Digital Detox Without Major Withdrawal

When was the last time you stayed off electronic devices for more than 24 hours? Studies show that over 85% of Americans cannot go a day without their mobile device. In fact, 67% of smartphone users claim to check their phone frequently without receiving any notifications. With hundreds of other studies, we don’t need statistics to tell us what we already know: we’re addicted to technology.

Most of us are too consumed with an endless list of emails, Facebook notifications, instant messages, and more. We wake up to our screens, use them on the go, and finish the night with them. That is why it is unsurprising that experts are blaming this constant exposure on the decline in our health.

Start the Limitations

While technology is found to be extremely useful and educational, it can distract us from the things that matter to us the most – like your family, education, and job. This is where the digital detox comes in. To avoid becoming a digital slave, you can start learning how to cut back on screen time and completely break the need for constant technology.

Cut Down on Social Media

According to studies conducted by RadiumOne, social media usage gives us that rush of happiness due to dopamine, a reward molecule that is released when achieving a goal. Every time we share, receive likes, or messages, we create a higher expectation and feel a sense of belonging. Before you start your detox, make a list of all your gadgets and the limitations that go with it. This will show just how much you rely on technology. Using this list will allow you to take a minimalist approach and cut down technology use and gain back hours doing things offline. Furthermore, it’ll surprise you how awake you’ll become to forgotten beauty around you, like nature and even an inner sense of peace.

Spend an Hour without Technology

Prior to your digital detox, start by spending at least an hour a day to yourself without any screen time. Most of us try to fill in every second we have by checking our phones that we can’t find time to focus on our own thoughts. This can be done through exercise or meditation and reflect on yourself to help reduce stress and focus on your goals.

Forget FOMO, Embrace JOMO

Forget about the Fear of Missing Out and discover the Joy of Missing Out. Don’t worry about what your network is doing while you are offline. Instead, you can spend those minutes discovering new things about yourself and what truly makes you happy. Take time to travel and explore optimal growth in spirituality and development in our own lives.


Sally Keys

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