Success or Thank God It’s Monday!


We have to go back to work.
We have to go back to school.
We have to put the house in order.
We have to play catch-up after two days off work.
We have to get “back in the harness”
We have to get over the weekend hangover.
We have to face the snarly boss.
We have to battle the traffic.

Wait a minute!

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Don’t we have freedom of choice?

Don’t we have the ability to choose what we do and how we feel? Of course we do.

O.K., O.K. don’t yell at me that you have to have this job whether you like it or not. It puts food on the table, pays the rent or house payment, keeps the kids in clothes and on and on. I understand that. I have the same challenges. (But if you hate your job, now is the time to think of what you would LOVE to do and begin to plan, prepare yourself, and manifest a job that allows you to do that. In other words, stop whining and start doing something about it).

So you can’t change jobs right now and you certainly can’t quit. Not now, anyway. So now what?

What if you changed your attitude? What if you change the way you start your day?

What if you woke up and said, with as much integrity as possible, “Wow! It’s Monday. A new week, a new day, a new beginning. What can I write on the page of this day that will make a difference?

What if you woke up grateful that you woke up? Many people do not, you know.

What if you took a few minutes to start your day thinking about everything you have in your life to be grateful for rather than what it is you don’t have or don’t want to do?

What if you put things in order on Sunday night to ease the frantic rush of Monday? What if your new Sunday routine included having everyone in the family over 2 years old put their things in order and get things organized for Monday just before they went to bed? 

What if you started out by thinking:

I get to go back to work today.  I’m grateful for this job.

I get to go back to school and learn new things and see my friends.

I get to put the house in order. I am so blessed to have a home.

We get to play catch-up after two days off work. And I am rested and ready for the challenge.

Because  I chose this job, I have no harness.

 I partied “in control” so I have no I feel great this morning.

How can I help the boss today?

I will start early enough so I don’t battle traffic and have a chance to plan my day in my mind as I drive to work or  use  my mind for constructive  thought.

These are my words, not yours. But you get the idea. You can change your Monday by changing your attitude. (Actually, you can do this any day of  the week) Try it.

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