Fad Diets That Actually Work

There are enough fad diets out there, all making astounding claims that they’ll melt the pounds away. But are there fad diets that actually work?  If so which ones are they? Before we go any further, let’s state the obvious; most diets won’t last – you will have to embrace a healthier overall lifestyle that also includes exercise.

A fad diet can certainly help you lose weight in the short-term – but many have been proven to make you add weight in the long-term. However, if you consult with your doctor and work out a customized plan to emerge from the fad diet into an overall healthier lifestyle, you just might be able to keep those pounds off.

From the 1820 Vinegar and Water diet to Lucky Strike cigarettes telling people in the 1920’s that a cigarette was a healthier choice than eating sweets, you won’t believe how bad it gets. But they also get pretty good too.

Let’s dive in to see some of the best fad diets around right now.

Paleo Diet

Paleo means waving goodbye to grains, starchy carbs, sugars and dairy – which is a pretty substantial part of most people’s regular diet. People using the Paleo report weight loss as well as boosted energy levels. The diet takes its name from our Paleolithic ancestors. They are presumed to have eaten  like this around 10,000 years ago – so even longer ago than MySpace!

The added bonus of a Paleo diet is that it’s a great way to keep blood sugar low. This is good news for diabetics  and it can also lower the chances of cardiovascular disease.


This diet is intended to last 30 days before you emerge from it into a more focused lifestyle in general. You’re supposed to remove the following substances for one month: sugar, alcohol, legumes, grains, dairy, and soy. Instead, you’ll focus on meats, nuts and seeds, seafood, eggs, veggies, and fruits. It’s similar to the Paleo only it eliminates sweeteners like maple syrup and honey.

By eliminating certain foods you’ll see if your body starts becoming more responsive and healthier in general. You’ll also be pressing a reset button on your taste buds.

fad diets that actually work
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Atkins Diet

This is the granddaddy of low-carb diets and was created in the early 1970’s by cardiologist Robert Atkins. For the first two weeks of eating Atkins style you’ll be limited to 20 grams of carbs per day. But you will have unlimited protein and fat. This allows the body to convert fat into ketones that then become the body’s main source of energy.

After that stage is completed, dieters add back carbs in 5-gram increments. Studies generally show that Atkins is very effective if done correctly.

South Beach Diet

Put together by Dr. Arthur Agatston in South Florida, the South Beach Diet took it upon itself to better Atkins by determining that saturated fats might increase the risk of heart disease. Agatston fiddled with the formula to come up with something that was lower-carb, lower-fat, and higher-protein.

A study discovered that diets that are high in protein and lower in fat do in fact lead to much bigger reductions in weight, fat, and triglycerides and good retention of muscle mass.

The Keto Diet

The Ketogenic Diet is all about lowering your insulin and converting your body’s main source of energy from sugar to ketones. The difference in the use of low-carbs over diets like South Beach and Atkins is that in order to remain in a state of ketosis, the dieter must consume even less of them. In that regard, the Keto Diet is considered a harder but more rewarding push than either of those other low-carb plans.

While on a diet as intense as Keto, it’s also best to check your blood sugar levels at regular points in the day. Sites like https://bestketonetest.com/  sell kits that help you do just that.

The Master Cleanse

For two weeks, the person on the Master Cleanse can only drink fresh lemon juice mixed with water, pure maple syrup, and cayenne pepper. You are also encouraged to use mild laxatives while on the Cleanse to be on the safe side. It’s reported that Beyonce went on a Master Cleanse to lose weight for her role in Dreamgirls.

Vegan Diet

While at once unbalanced and at the same time ethical and healthy, the Vegan Diet is all about the greens – no animals allowed. If your vegan diet is based off whole foods, you can lose weight and reduce some heart disease risk factors.

Some diets – like Fletcherism in the early 1900s that said you could eat anything as long as you chewed it 100 times! – are clearly not going to work. But the right diet can help you jump-start a much healthier you.

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