Green healing: The Amazing Health Benefits of Being in Nature

Green Healing: The amazing health benefits of being in nature

Did you know that more than 6.5 million deaths are reported per year due to pollution? This accounts for 11.6% of the global population. Those are some alarming numbers. The main reason for so many deaths per year is all because we decide to stay up in our fortress and never go out to greet nature.  Did you know all the benefits that Mother Nature holds for us?  Do you know about green healing?  Let’s break it down. Be sure to see the graphic on the right.

  1. Going outdoors for a stroll, a hike or a trek has the same effect on the body as going to the gym.  That is because along with exercise we get a good dose of fresh non-polluted air. Going for a dip in the lake is a lot more fun than going to a swimming pool. And  there are zero to no chemicals in fresh water.
  2. Let’s say that we decide to stay in because of the pollution outside our houses, but did you know that the air that we breathe while staying cooped up in our houses is polluted as well?  Indoor pollutants include animal dander, cigarette smoke and more. This is why it is imperative that we go out and greet Mother Nature once a while so that we can breath her fresh and clean air.
  3. Remember when our parents used to yell at us saying that we needed to come back home and finish up our homework? It’s the other way round nowadays. That is because, all that people do is stay on their computers, smartphones, and laptops. They do not fully understand the importance of vitamin D and all its benefits. Here are some benefits of vitamin D—protection against strokes, strengthens muscles and bones, strengthens our immune system and more.
  4. Mental wellbeing contributes to physical well being. Going out in nature tends to reduce stress, depression And going out in the nature shuts down the front part of our brain (pre-frontal cortex). Being out in nature also boosts our creative juices.
  5. If you take a close look at the people around you, you will notice that almost all of them have glasses or are using contact lenses. That is all thanks to our excessive and almost addictive usage of smartphones, computers, and technology in general. This is not the case in just the recent generation.  It is seen in almost all of us now. This is why it is important that we consider having a technical detox. We can establish this by going out for a stroll or going camping.
  6. Ever wonder how our ancestors lived? They were never night owls nor did they binge eat. All in all they were a lot healthier than we are today. This is because they stayed in the outdoors, where they simply depended on nature. That is how they  managed to have a proper sleep schedule and were active throughout the day. Compare this to us. We generally tend to sleep in and wake up tired, therefore making us unable to do anything. And we take up the sedentary lifestyle.

Now that we know the benefits of Mother Nature and how she can help us become healthier and happier, planning a vacation is not a bad idea. Doing so can help reduce our stress and get our creativity going.

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