5 Health and Wellness Tips for the Struggling Millennials

Are you one of the struggling Millennials? In today’s world, millennials make up the biggest demographic, taking over and reshaping things inherited from previous generations. There are a lot of things attached to the word millennial, and they can be good or bad, depending on where you are coming from. However, it can’t be denied that millennials are credited for shining a light on the importance of taking care of the self holistically. Staying fit and healthy doesn’t have to make people feel miserable. Read on, though, to know why health and wellness tips for the struggling Millenial are important.

The Struggling Millennials

Sadly, local and global problems are contributing to normal stressors. Longer work hours, inflated costs of living and stagnant wages are only some of the reasons millennials are in worse shape than their elders are in terms of health.

According to a Blue Cross Blue Shield report, struggling millennials have multiple health problems even though they are called the wellness generation. If you are a millennial, that doesn’t mean, however, that you’re stuck in the rut of workaholism. Here are some helpful tips on how to balance work, life, and health in this economic climate.

Choose Healthy Food

It’s easy to reach for the greasiest, unhealthiest snack you can find to curb whatever cravings you have. However, it will be counterintuitive and will only make you feel even worse later. The best way to make sure you choose healthy food is to make it easily accessible to you.

When you’re expecting another long day at work, head to the pantry or buy groceries beforehand, and stock your desk with food that is better for you. Snack on nuts, fresh fruits, or granola bars because they have all the good stuff without sacrificing taste. Once you feel like you need a break, you can easily munch on the snacks that are available and use that time to take a much-needed breather.

Do Physical Activities

Being sedentary, like sitting in the office the whole day, can’t be good for you. In fact, inactivity is one of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. As one of the struggling millennials you need to get off your chair and onto your feet or bike or whatever gets you moving.

You can go to the gym to exercise, or if you hate being confined indoors and waiting for your turn at the treadmill, you can always seek solace in the company of nature. You can do outdoor sports or hobbies like hiking, camping, or biking.

The great thing about these outdoor activities is that you can continually challenge yourself in terms of your chosen activity’s degree of difficulty. For hiking, you can challenge yourself to hike longer distances. The same goes for biking, but you need a cycling powerpod to record your progress. For camping, there are a lot of challenging terrains and environments you can explore.

The point is to do activities that you honestly enjoy. Make it a point to do something for yourself every week to reward yourself for your hard work. You can vent, relax, or find an outlet to let out your frustrations before they eat you up inside.

Log Out/Limit Screen Time

As a generation of digital natives, millennials are naturally drawn to and sucked into the online world. Social media is innovative and a great way to connect with a lot of people, but it can be damaging at the same time.

Levels of success are subjective, but when you have photos that paint a reality that others are still hoping to achieve, these can be damaging to their ego and self-esteem. When these feelings are about to consume you, remember that no one will willingly post the struggles and all the stuff that’s behind the curtain. You can also log out of social media once in a while or limit your screen time to help center yourself when you feel like tail spinning from envy.

Clean and Disinfect

Over time, the things in your workspace accumulate dust and dirt and can get filthy really fast. If you’re on your workstation for hours and hours daily, take time to clean your space. That means emptying your trash, clearing out old food packets, and wiping away the crumbs.

Take it further by using antibacterial wipes or a spray to disinfect the area. Looking at a neat and clean station will drastically improve your mood despite a massive workload. Adding calming scents like peppermint or jasmine essential oils can help as well.

Forge New Bonds/Reconnect with Old Friends

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Being busy at work means you barely have any time for yourself. Despite the accessibility of the internet, that kind of lifestyle can be isolating. Take the time to go out with old friends and reconnect with them. Meeting with friends once in a while can help stave off the feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and even depression.

If you moved away from home and have no friends to call, take the initiative to meet new people and make friends. It’s easier to form new bonds by joining hobby groups.

Take a Break When You Need To

Some circumstances in life cannot be controlled. It is during these times when you should do yourself a favor and take the break that you need. Struggles are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you’ll experience them forever, so the best thing to do is to know how to take care of yourself during these troubled times.

If you are one of the struggling millennials, what are your top health and wellness tips? Share your answers in the comments section.



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