How Does Exercise Assist in Healing Trauma?

Healing trauma is complex and has many components. Traumatic experiences are horrifying and leave scars that you will never never forget. Nobody deserves to endure trauma, but it still happens to countless people each day.

While trauma surely has a devastating impact, you must not let it consume you. The feelings and emotions surrounding trauma recovery are intense and overwhelming, so it can be hard to fight through them.

Fortunately, you can overcome the mental anguish from a traumatic event by changing how you approach your day, both physically and mentally. This includes exercising frequently.

Exercise is particularly relevant because it is extremely effective for assisting trauma victims with recovery, something that you can also experience

To encourage you to be more active, we’ll explain how exercise will massively benefit your state of mind below.

Healing Trauma by Creating a New Focus

Firstly, exercise will create a new focus for you.

After experiencing a traumatic event, it can be hard to think about anything other than what you’ve been through. This is only natural, but allowing yourself to ruminate on your situation for too long isn’t helping.

You need to focus your attention on something else. This is why exercising is perfect. Exercise requires dedication and hard effort every day.

Committing to exercise is a challenge in itself, but enduring through it provides your brain with a valuable skill. It teaches you how to be persistent despite the hardest of pushback. Learning to live life after trauma is the same, so it’s a skill that you need to learn.

Exercising is also excellent for sparking hope and motivation with you. Trauma victims tend to feel hopeless and disinterested in many things they found previously engaging.

When you exercise, you’ll feel inspired as you work toward a greater goal. Each day you’ll make progress that will lift your spirits.

Fostering Self-Love

Exercise is also fantastic for fostering self-love.

This happens in two ways.

First, exercising is hard. Many people try it once or twice and don’t stick with it. But when you push through and make it an important part of your life, you’ll feel proud of your accomplishments.

This means that exercising gives you something to work toward. When you accomplish your goals, you’ll appreciate the hard work you put in, and more importantly, yourself.

The other part of self-love from exercise is that you can love the new body you create for yourself. You were beautiful before working out, but everyone has room for improvement.

Putting in the hard effort to improve your body will make you feel better about yourself. You’ll become more confident and comfortable being in your skin.

Reducing Negative Emotions

Self-love is also made possible because exercising helps to reduce negative emotions.

Before you can love yourself, you need to be kind to yourself. This is almost impossible to do when you have self-deprecating and negative thoughts running through your head.

After experiencing trauma, you are prone to emotions of anxiety and depression. You can feel upset at your situation, whoever caused you the harm, and even yourself.

The worst scenario involves when you begin to blame yourself. You are not to blame for your trauma, but it can be hard to remember that with so much negativity around you.

Exercising is a good way to let go of this negativity because of the hormones released during physical activity. These are known as endorphins, which are amazing for quelling emotions like depression, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness.

When you’re feeling better both physically and mentally, you’ll have less negativity to manage and this is crucial for improving your outlook.

Any Exercise Is Great

Lastly, you should understand that any physical activity is great. when you are in the process of healing trauma.

Whether you want to go for a casual stroll, throw a ball for your dog, or go on a bike ride, as long as you are getting your heart rate going, you’re helping your situation. Any type of exercise is beneficial and worth doing.

That said, certain types of exercise are more advantageous than others. This is because they release more endorphins and have a greater impact on your body overall.

In particular, resistance training and weight lifting are going to be of the greatest benefit to you. Not only are these types of workouts physically-demanding, but you’ll also need mental toughness to push the limits of your body.

Find something that you enjoy doing to get your body moving. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore and it’s certainly worth your time!

Closing Thoughts

Healing trauma is complicated to deal with as well as challenging. This makes it easy to fall into bad habits that hurt your overall well-being.

On the other hand, you can improve your recovery process by using techniques that help your state of mind. Exercising is one of the best tools for this.

A few benefits to exercising after trauma include creating a new focus, fostering self-love, and reducing negative emotions. Remember that any physical activity helps, but more grueling workouts tend to have better results.

Exercise may seem like the last thing you want to do, but you will feel much better after you do it. Do yourself a huge favor by exercising to improve your mindset!


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