How to Pick a Mattress If You Are Suffering from Lower Back Pain

Contemporary opinion suggests that there’s no perfect type of mattress that is effective for everyone. You need to pick the most comfortable option, but unfortunately, it can be challenging to form an opinion in the showroom. Here are some tips on how to pick a mattress that stays comfortable even after you have been sleeping on it for a few years:

Good Mattresses Ensure That Your Spine Is Kept Aligned Properly

The principal reason behind lower back pain is bad posture. While you may consciously try and adopt a good posture when awake, it can be very tricky doing that when sleeping. Essentially, you have got to allow your mattress to take over and give you a good sleeping posture wherein your spine gets proper support all through. This will enable your muscles to relax and recuperate from the day-long stress they have been put to. If the mattress is either too soft or too firm, your spine will not get the support it requires, particularly in the lower back and the neck regions. The degree of firmness, however, is a matter of personal preference. Those with larger hips may find a softer surface more comfortable.

Medium-Firm May Be a Practical Option for the Undecided

Despite limited research, there’s at least one study that established that people suffering from lower back pain got the best relief by sleeping on mattresses that were medium-firm. If your own experiments at the mattress showrooms have left you undecided, you could try out mattresses that incorporate memory foam instead of models featuring conventional innerspring or even a combination of both technologies. While the memory foam will ensure better support, it may not work out for those who sweat a lot as these mattresses lock in the heat making them uncomfortable. Reading up on the loom and leaf vs. icomfort comparisons can also give you a better idea of what to buy.

Choose a Mattress that You Have Tested Out for Longer

If you have had a very relaxing sleep at a hotel or at a friend’s place, make it a point to find out the model and go and buy it. Otherwise, try and select models that offer a full money back guarantee even after an extended trial run if you are not satisfied. There are quite a few companies that allow customers to use a mattress for up to three months to find out if they are indeed happy with it.


If you are among the many who know that their lower back pain issue is mainly due to mattresses that have lost their firmness due to age or overuse, then getting a new mattress of the best quality possible will be usually enough to resolve the condition. Though quality matters, it does appear that most new mattresses deliver a superior level of support and comfort that alleviates the back pain for quite a few years. Timely mattress replacement could be a vital factor in sleep comfort and pain resolution.

Photo by nomao saeki on Unsplash

Author Bio: Sujan Thomas is a senior purchase manager for a specialty mattress retailer. Sujain is a prolific blogger and regularly evaluates various mattress models, including loom and leaf vs. icomfort comparisons.

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