Universal Law of Attraction – Manifesting Your Desires With The Universal Law of Attraction

 By Israel Goldman

Similar to the universal law of gravity, there is a universal law of attraction.

The universal law of gravity states: “Every mass attracts every other mass by a force heading along the line combining the two.”

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It’s universal, because this law applies to everything in the universe.

The universal law of attraction could be described as: “I attract everything I express to the outside world based on my own self-image, feelings and emotions.”

This one is universal too. It works always, whether you want it or not.

So, how can you use the universal law of attraction to your advantage?

Easy. Just work on your self-image, feelings and emotions.

While that’s easier said than done, here are some tips to use the Universal Law of Attraction to your advantage.

1. Self-image.

They way you look upon yourself as a person is a combination of impressions you have about how others see you.

You are always influenced by others. Of course, the impression others have of you may be wrong! But they came to that conclusion based on a certain occasion where you acted in such a way that lead to that impression.

So, think about yourself, improve your strong points, work to avoid the weak ones. If you really want something, think positive about that desire and visualize that you are going to get it, no matter what.

2. Feelings and emotions.

You really should get rid of fear, anxiety, and stress. Start listing your problems and systematically get them done with. Make that a priority, so you can delete the bad habits in your thinking.

Keep watching your emotions, and catching negative thoughts. Write them down – and you’ll find that you can instantly replace a negative thought with a positive emotion, and positive thoughts.

Be positive, give, smile and attract.

Positive feelings, emotions and appropriate thoughts make the law work faster on your behalf. They act like magnets, attracting physical reality!

Focus your thoughts and your energy on obtaining your goals. As you focus and achieve one success, then it will help you focus and lead to more success. Until, success has become a habit for you.

Your problems and turmoil and the obstacles you perceive will now start looking like stepping stones on the path to your goals.

Just remember like attracts like, so focus on your goals and being there as if it already happened and you are already there.

You’re now ready to align yourself to the universal law of attraction!

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  1. Abundance says

    It says a lot that the Universal Law of Attraction is not universally known and accepted by all.

    Thanks for showing me this article and remind me that I do need to realign myself to the Law of Attraction.

    Abundance Always!

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