I Went to the Gym

I got started at the gym and it was an interesting experience.

I had a “trainer” who designed a program for me. She kept trying to upsell me on buying $100 of pesonal training. One of the things she did was give me some stretching exercises that required her help. I can’t do them by myself. So by the  time we finished there is no way I can do my program without buying the training package. Hmmm. I’m not sure I want to do that but we’ll see.

She gave me exercises only for the upper part of my body and told me I need to do the swim classes. I agree that I need to do  the swim classes, but I also think some exercises for my lower body are in order as  well.

I was not weighed. I was not measured. I was not tested to see what my abilities are. But I do  know  that I need to buy some personal training.

In their defense, it is a great facility with a number of programs that fit any lifestyle and any degree of ability/disability.

The bottom line is that today, the day after I went, I have sore muscles so the little bit I did was greatly needed and had some impact on my body.  I will begin to go at least three days a week. I will weigh and measure myself so I know what’s happening.

I got started and that’s key to the self improvement I want to accomplish. Yeah!

Author: Irene Conlan, RN, MSN, PhD

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