Reasons Women and Snoring Go Together More Often than you’d Think-Natural Snoring Solutions

Women are always deemed more petite of the two sexes and are generally considered not to indulge in a “social taboo” like snoring. As per National Sleep Foundation, snoring problems in women after menopause is similar to that of males. Women and snoring is definitely not unusual and it increases with their age. The physiological reason why a woman snores is quite similar to that of a man’s. Snoring takes a toll on health and it’s very important for a woman to handle her snoring problem with correct natural snoring solutions and proper snoring treatments.

Reasons for Snoring:

Women can snore due to several factors, the most common being the constriction of airways in the pharyngeal cavity. However, there are other elements also that cause and accelerate snoring problems in women like hormonal changes,

women and snoring

obesity, pregnancy, medication and genetic issues. It is important to use snoring remedies and cure the snoring problem at the earliest since it can lead to hazardous consequences.

Natural snoring solutions:

There are several ways to eradicate snoring naturally. Most of them are related to physical and lifestyle changes that a female needs to make. However, it is advisable to act on the problem at the earliest since it can be an indication of sleep apnea.

Few easy ways to try sorting snoring problem is by:

  • Change your sleep position: Sleep on your side rather than the back to get sound sleep without snoring.
  • Change your pillows: Sometimes the height of your pillow might not be correct. Also, allergens present in pillows might cause snoring. Rectify by changing to more comfortable pillows.
  • Lose weight: If you’re obese lose weight since too much of weight triggers snoring.
  • Avoid too much alcohol: The calming effect of alcohol relaxes the muscles of your mouth and throat thereby enhancing snoring.
  • Exercising: Try some throat and tongue exercises to keep mouth and throat muscles toned. This can help limit snoring in the long run.
  • Vitamin C: Eat fruits and veggies rich in VitaminC. This decreases the acid levels and helps eradicate snoring.

These natural snoring solutions are the first steps one must take before consulting a physician. If the problem persists, it should not be ignored and one must opt for proper treatment in time.

 Homemade Snoring solutions:

There are some great home remedies for snoring available that help in getting your snoring problem cured. For example, Peppermint has a great anti-inflammatory property that reduces the swelling of the membranes in the pharyngeal region, throat, and nostril and enhances smooth breathing which diminishes snoring to a great extent.

  • A good hot steam inhalation of olive oil lubricates the air passage for smooth breathing.
  • Incorporating two teaspoons of turmeric in a glass of warm water and half a teaspoon of cardamom in a glass of warm water also works to a great extent. Turmeric helps due to its antiseptic properties and cardamom due to its decongestant properties.
  • One or two drops of melted clarified butter or ghee can be put in the nostril which smooths the nasal track for unobstructed breathing.
  • The snoring problem can also happen due to indigestion or acidity. Taking natural homemade digestive and anti-acid supplements eases the problem and treats snoring to some extent.
  • If snoring happens due to nasal congestion, some natural remedies like eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil’s vapors work great.

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