Smoking Kills: My Tips to Help You Quit Smoking

Smoking kills by causing cancer, we know. But, do you know that about 30% of all cancer and 87% of lung cancer is caused due to smoking. It is really dangerous. Well, we all who smoke are aware of the circumstances and health issues we may face. Even, we want to quit smoking, but we think we couldn’t. Remember, nothing is impossible; it all depends upon your intentions. To quit smoking is definitely one of these things which take efforts and mental stability. If you can adopt the habit, then how, on earth, you can’t leave it? That’s exactly why many people have quit smoking. If you happen to be a person who is wondering how people get rid of this deadly habit read my tips to help you quit smoking.


Every goal kickstarts with a strong commitment. Pledge that you won’t be smoking cigarettes from now onwards.

  • Give yourself a deadline. If there is no deadline, there is no goal. Mark a specific date and don’t flinch no matter what.
  • The targeted date should be a well-calculated one. It should not be too soon that you can’t give yourself enough time, nor it should be too far that it drains all the motivation out of you.
  • A committed mind will take care of all the excuses. Some of the favorite justifications are; smoking strengthens my focus, smoking helps me losing weight, it gives me a stylish look. Excuses are self-created hurdles that can only be done away with the force of your commitment.

Seek Support

Like many smokers, if you developed this habit through your company, then similarly seek the company which can help you to leave this habit as well. Look for the people who can play a supportive role to keep you on track. They could be friends, colleagues or family members but make sure he/she is not a smoker himself. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

You may also look for outside help means the aid of therapy, medicine or suchlike things. Most people quit smoking in an abrupt manner called the “cold-turkey method” in which they don’t consider the above factors. However, being the most popular, it’s not the most effective way of getting the best outcome.

  • More than 90 percent of people undertake the cold-turkey method but only 5 to 7 percent of people execute it successfully.
  • Consult a doctor and follow a roadmap. It increases your chances to get the desired result with minimum effort.

 “If you wish to overcome a bad habit, just play mind games. Psychologically, when a brain gets busy in a critical process that requires its full energy, it will ignore all the least important acts.”

Create A Helpful Atmosphere

Easy access to stuff like lighters, cigarettes, ashtrays and such stuff cannot be ignored. There should be no room for smoking-related material in the house. Throw away all the aforesaid things. This ideal environment will play a huge role in the process of quitting this habit. You may also use ‘Smoking Kills’, ‘Quit Smoking’, ‘No Smoking’ tags in your house. It will keep alerting your mind that you are on a mission.

Crush Your Craving

It does not matter how determined you are to quit this habit. The craving will keep on knocking on the door of your determination until a certain period. All said and done, it is not as difficult to handle the craving part as you might perceive. The best thing about craving is it’s temporary. According to research, craving lasts for three minutes.

There are some tried tested tips to be ignorant of your craving.

  • Don’t try “not to remember about smoking”. This approach is almost always counterproductive. Doing this, you ultimately end up thinking more about cigarettes. Instead of coming down, you will see your craving roof topping.
  • When you are craving, remind yourself why you decided to quit smoking in the first place. It will tone down your craving.
  • When craving creeps in, remind yourself of the benefits of a non-smoking lifestyle. Keep telling yourself how eliminating cigarettes from your routine will have a healthy effect on your life. You will breathe better, the quantity of poisonous carbon dioxide will decrease in your body and pregnant women can give birth to a healthy baby.
  • Cultivate a new habit or hobby which can keep you occupied like gardening or dog training, etc. Being busy is also a good alternative. Reading, writing or taking up any creative hobby will do that quite nicely for you.
  • Drink more water. Drinking water immediately when the craving is taking hold on you pretty much tones down your yearning for a cigarette. Besides, drinking more water fastens the process of eradicating toxins from your body.
  • Don’t be honey-trapped by the “only one cigarette” trap. This is deceitful of all and the cycle of “just one more cigarette” never stops. Many smokers who aspired to quit smoking but could not reach the milestone; owe their failure to this trap. There is not a last one last cigarette.

Know Your Trigger Points

“Trigger your weak areas before they trigger you” – Jennifer Rose

She was formerly a writer at Crowd Writer and now owns a fashion business.

She had her share of fighting with smoking.

This is an essential part. Having prior knowledge about what makes you absolutely crave smoking can help you to cope with the situation in a more productive way. Suppose you are going to attend a party and you know that the atmosphere will easily lure you into smoking, you can prepare yourself to avoid that.

  • Note down the key places, situations, and people who make it difficult for you to stay away from smoking. Now start avoiding them one by one especially in the first three months.
  • If avoiding becomes impossible due to some reason, always be on guard.

Pretend Smoking

For a smoker who is used to emptying a packet of cigarettes daily, his hand touches his mouth for about 250 times. So, it could be quite restless not moving your hand this much initially.

  • You can fake smoking with empty hands or even hold something that continually makes your hand reach to your mouth.
  • Keep a bottle of water around you. You can nip your restlessness in the bud by taking a sip out of it now and then.

Cherish The Success

If you believe that you have come to a fraction closer to your target, cherish it. Make yourself feel better by celebrating this landmark. It is your strong will that made it possible for you and appreciating it will do a world of good to you in the future.

  • Out of over-excitement, don’t be misguided rewarding yourself. Don’t allow this achievement to entice you in the “only one cigarette” trap.

Don’t Quit

“So smoking is the perfect way to commit suicide without actually dying.
I smoke because it’s bad, it is really simple.”
Damien Hirst

It’s always worth trying once more. It took time before you turned into a smoking-freak, so it is sure to take time leaving this habit behind.

  • Don’t allow your previous failure to convince you that you can’t be successful in the future You might quit smoking in the first attempt but if not then learn where you went wrong.
  • Analyze your mistakes from previous experience and use them as a guide for the future. You never know, these mistakes could well be a blessing in disguise for you. As we know, nobody teaches us better than our own experience.

So, by taking the above measures, you can ensure living a smoking free life, which is not only eating your hard-earned revenue away but also deteriorating your health as well.

About the Author

Stella Lincoln specializes in the fields of Science and Psychology at Crowd Writer, where she administers academic support to students. She is a single mother and a passionate blogger on the subjects of Education, Psychology, Business, and Students at her own blog at Educator House.


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