What Does The Future Of Gyms Look Like?

There are now more gyms than ever and this trend is likely to continue into the future. While the rise of technology has threatened other market sectors, gyms only stand to benefit from the release of new and improved technologies.


In fact, there aren’t many threats to gyms. The trend of smaller sized homes means that individuals will always need gyms in order to effectively work out. While society’s obsession with technology will only stand to improve the gym industry, rather than take away from it. In the gym of the future, the big changes center around how people will track their training and their health.

3 ways workouts will change in the future

In the 80s there were exercise taps, in the 90s it was spinning and in the 2000s it was Zumba. In each decade exercise seems to reinvent itself. Based on this alone, it would be safe to assume that the gym of the future will look different too. In fact, it will. From bespoke training to an emphasis on rest and attempts to foster community, the gym of the future may just be the best yet.

1. Bespoke training

As there will always be people who prefer working out with the scale and spectrum of equipment that gyms possess, gyms will exist in the future. However, one of the ways gyms will change in the future is through the use of personalization.

Individuals will be able to take their favorite trainers class anytime and anywhere. The gyms of the future won’t be built around robots, but rather rockstar instructors as people working in the health and fitness industry will be more specialized and educated than ever before.

In the gym of the future artificial intelligence (AI) will go a long way towards personalizing training. Rather than take the place of a trainer, AI will replicate the trainer’s features and be used as an additional tool to motivate, educate, and keep an eye on their client. We already have fitness trackers, but with AI, everything a person does from strength and form to power output will be trackable, helping to garner the best possible results.

2. Longer rests

While trainers stress the importance of recovery, this concept is set to become even more important in the future. In fact, it will become a crucial part of a person’s daily program. Serious training demands recuperation, whether it’s yoga, low-impact cardio, or a session in the steam room. That’s why recovery will take a big role in the future.

As people start to realize the effects of heavy workouts on the body in the future, recovery will become paramount. In fact, recovery will be seen as a way to future-proof one’s body for the coming years. Recovery is already starting to become a trend today as more trainers prefer to focus on health span rather than lifespan.

Make no mistake, functional training won’t go anywhere, but scheduled workouts will be amended. As the integration between medicine and lifestyle continues to grow, general practitioners, physio, and nutritionists will be stationed in gyms.

The gym equipment will then beam a person’s workout stats to the necessary health professional so that a person’s day to day health can be monitored as well as their need for rest. In the gym of the future, overworking the body will be viewed as ill-disciplined.

3. Community

In the future, gyms will be a destination. However, gyms won’t be just an exercise destination, but also a place to socialize. This is based on the fact that group exercises and class-based boutiques have seen a boom in recent years. In the gym of the future, there will be two types of clubs to choose from. Boutique studios based on specific training experience. Or, full-service clubs offering a variety of amenities and programs with a social component.

Group exercises are a strong predictor of the gym’s future as a hub of an increasingly precious commodity- human interaction. While digital means are invading most aspects of life, people still crave relationships. As millennials increasingly show their desire to sweat together, rather than drink together, gyms of the future will provide a sense of community to those feeling isolated by the digital age.

Looking to the future

Gyms are set to take on a new shape in the future. While brick and mortar gyms will always be the norm, the changes will center around what goes on inside the gym. From highly educated trainers working with their clients to doctors being sent up to date exercise tracking of their patients and fostering a sense of community in the gym, the changes are immense.

While change can be frightening, it’s hard not to get excited about the gym of the future. The benefits for both the young and the old are seemingly limitless. Which will subsequently benefit the health span of humans and their quality of life.

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