Why looking good keeps you feeling good

 Looks aren’t everything, of course, but we all like to look our best and generally feel happier when our appearance lives up to our expectations. This doesn’t mean having to conform to other people’s ideas of beauty, or holding anyone up to unrealistic standards. When you’re looking good, you’re doing it for yourself – because it boosts your self-esteem and makes you better able to face the world and to go out and achieve your goals.

Health and beauty

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One reason why looking good matters is that looking good and staying healthy go hand in hand. Everyone agrees that doing our best to be healthy is a good thing, for a multitude of reasons. However, one of the consequences of being unhealthy is that you won’t look as good as you could. Therefore, having a positive and successful beauty regime should be based on healthy living and good hygiene. This in itself will make you feel better about yourself, but knowing that it makes you look good will further increase your self-confidence and make you all the more determined to eat well, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly.

First impressions count

 When you’re looking good, you’ll make a far better first impression than when you’re not looking your best. People will excuse the odd bad hair day, but it’s far better to impress than to make excuses. Looking good is often about looking right for the situation. Looking good at a party can be very different from looking good at a business meeting. Your appearance should communicate a definite message, and it should be the one that you want the world to receive about you at that particular moment.

Communication skills

 The way that you look can help with your communication skills generally. If you’ve made an effort, then you won’t be worrying about your appearance, and you can focus on what you’re saying and communicate far more effectively.

Looking good is also about getting your personality across. We may not choose the face that we’re born with, but what we do with it says a lot about who we are. Your makeup choices and decisions, as well as how you cut and style your hair, all send a message about the type of person you really are, or at least, the type of person you want to be seen as.

Making an effort

People can tell when you’ve made an effort with your appearance. Using Viabrance haircare products (you can check out Viabrance on Reddit) shows that you care about yourself and how you come across. Someone who clearly doesn’t make an effort with their appearance can seem lazy and undisciplined, and these people are also often lacking in confidence and self-belief. This kind of snap judgement is often subconscious, but it can affect everything from professional opportunities to your romantic hopes and dreams.

Dressing well

 Clothes are functional in the sense that they keep us warm, dry and mobile. They can protect us from injury or discomfort, and can help us to feel relaxed at home. However, they also send out a number of messages about who we are. These messages are a mix of our role in life at that moment and our underlying personality: the balance of the two depends on the circumstances.

For instance, in the office, you’ll be dressing first and foremost for the role, perhaps presenting a smart, business-like image, according to current workplace conventions. However, you can also include little details that bring out a sense of your individuality. Going out, the balance can be reversed: you want to express who you really are first and foremost, but you also want to fit in and follow the appropriate fashion. You might dress slightly differently for a night at the theater compared to how you’d look going dancing at a club.

The natural circle

 Self-confidence and looking good feed into each other. It’s a natural circle: when we look good, we feel good, and when we feel good, we look good. If you’re happy with who you are, then you’ll find it easier to express that through your appearance. When people react well to the way you look, this in turn will make you more confident in yourself.

Finally, don’t forget that dressing up and getting your hair done is fun, and a treat in its own right, so don’t be afraid to look your best: it’ll make you feel more confident in yourself and will open all kinds of doors. Looking and feeling good, life is yours for the taking!




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