5 Things You Should Do To Make Him Fall For You Like Crazy

Relationships are vital to the human being and loving relationships bring happiness to those involved. But how do you get started? How do you keep it going until it has a chance to develop and you know whether this is the right or wrong relationship for you?  If you are a woman, here are five things you should do to make him fall for you like crazy. This is advice from a guy’s point of view to help you navigate the budding relationship with ease and success.

  1. Confidence is the starting point

This is the basis and there’s no point in continuing with any of the things that are listed below if you don’t master this one first. It all starts and ends with you. That is why you have to work on getting your self-esteem and self-love back on track.

Confidence is appealing, it’s what draws him and more importantly, it’s what betters your life. So work on that no matter how much it takes. You are worthy of love. You are enough. You just have to believe it yourself.

For the time being learn to say Thank you.“ when he gives you a compliment, don’t explain yourself or your flaws and virtues to him let him get to know you, relax and be yourself.

  1. Text smart

It’s all about texting these days and it’s important you master the art of texting. It’s not about manipulations and tactic it’s about following his lead.

If you initiate texting more times than he does it will send him the message that you are needy and desperate for attention. If you over-text or send a followup text it won’t force him to respond more quickly He will just ignore your text and label you as boring.

So mirror his actions, make sure that you texts as much as he does and not more. This is very important especially when you are just starting a relationship.

  1. Create adventure in boring moments

The way in which you approach life will be everything to him. If you are filled with negativity it will be a major turnoff in every sense of that word. On the other hand, if you have a positive mindset and if you can get the best out of the worst situation it will make him hooked on you.

So let’s say your plans failed, you were really looking forward to going to a concert together but it got canceled.

Instead of moping around and nagging tell him that it doesn’t matter what you do and propose something you can do instead like asking one another some fun and unusual most likely to questions.

  1. Keep a dose of mystery

You don’t have to tell him your life, your mistakes and things you are proud of all in one night. Discover something but never too much. Listen more, ask him questions and talk less.

Be sexy and playful but don’t jump into bed with him after a few drinks it kills the mystery and it hills the magic of anticipation.

Don’t give him everything at once. Make him work for it and he will value it so much more. It will keep his interest and make him keep coming back for more.

  1. Play hard to get be even harder to forget

Playing hard to get doesn’t mean playing in the literal sense of the word it makes an emphasis on putting yourself first. No matter how much you care for him always care for yourself a bit more.

So when he calls you out of the blue in the middle of the night asking if he can come over tell him that you have to get up early and that you’ll talk to him tomorrow. Don’t allow him to see you just when it’s convenient.

Create standards and don’t allow him to treat you like a doormat. Create standards and boundaries he should never cross. It will make him respect you more and chase after you because you are not selling yourself short.

Men are bored by things they get easily so be someone who is hard to forget.


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