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5 Wholesome Wedding Ideas That Are Worth Trying - Self Improvement

5 Wholesome Wedding Ideas That Are Worth Trying

Extravagant weddings are in style right now, but are they really worth it? Many millennials now prefer to skip the wedding expenses in favor of saving for the future.

Want a balance between the two? Organizing a wholesome wedding is the way to go! A wholesome wedding is where guests and hosts alike enjoy a homey, relaxed, even casual atmosphere. However, it still gives off the essence of an important event that will make many cherished memories. Keep things simple but fun and your wholesome wedding is sure to be a hit with everyone!

Read on for some ideas on how to pull it off.

  1. Welcoming The Guests In A Special Way

Yes, the couple is the most important entity at the wedding, but the guests deserve some appreciation too. After all, they’ve taken time out from their busy schedule to come and help celebrate the big day. They hence deserve at least a welcome bag if they’re going to be staying at the wedding venue for a few hours. There are various ideas to personalize the welcome bags for those special people so you can choose the one you like the most.

  1. Keeping It Short And Sweet

The best wedding might be a personal choice, but most guests agree that they love it when the ceremony is short. We think the couple and their close circle would also agree. A wholesome wedding ensures that no one is tried or crabby, so there’s no need to draw out the ceremony unnecessarily. The actual process should only take about 20 minutes so that the rest of the party can go on.

  1. Creating A Casual Yet Unique Setup

Keep everything looking cozy by arranging the decorations to reflect your goal. For instance, you can tie your table linens with burlap, topping them with some craft paper. Alternatively, you can use up a bare space to hang a garland. Cover the tables with checkered cloth, fill jars with fresh local flowers, and you have a wonderful setting without the usual cost!

The serving plates and linens don’t have to completely match, so see how a contrast looks in certain areas. If possible, make use of the family heirlooms. They have to come in handy someday and are certain to create a stunning effect.

  1. Involving The Kids In The Event

Children are a lovely sight at every wedding, with the flower girls and ring bearer being part of the ceremony itself. It’s always a nice gesture to have something, especially for the kids. This will help them stay occupied and not bother their parents, who also deserve to have a fun, relaxing time.

One example here could be setting up everything you need for a candy buffet at This will do away with the need to give the children wedding cake, which they might make a mess out of. While candy might make the children hyper, chances are the wedding shenanigans will tire them out eventually.

  1. Keeping It Simple But Beautiful

Nothing says wholesome like some natural materials making just the right statement at a wedding. Don’t be afraid to utilize exposed wood in the best manner, especially if the wedding is an outdoor event. This would add a rustic effect to the decorations and also give a unique touch.

You may also continue the natural look with some simple choices for the dresses. Hop online to see how you can choose wedding gowns for all tastes and styles without leaving anyone in the lurch.

Another idea is to use pinecones as part of the décor, perhaps even sticking some thoroughly scrubbed ones on the cake! Hand sunflowers from chandeliers, or use wooden signs to guide the guests towards the buffet.

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