Tired Of Toxic Relationships? 7 Types of Guys To Avoid If You Finally Want A Healthy One

In this modern era of dating, nobody will argue that it’s almost impossible to find a normal guy. Moreover, it’s hard to find a girl or a woman (as it pleases you) who didn’t cry at least once from a broken heart. Now, it is okay to make a mistake once, how else would we learn? But the problem occurs when you keep choosing wrong guys and keep going from one toxic relationship to another. Perhaps it’s time to consider that there are guys to avoid.

Relationships with other people are an essential part of our lives and who we chose to spend the most time with does affect our mental health more than you can imagine. There are women who attract toxic people all the time. And there are those who can’t distinguish a good guy from the toxic one so they keep getting broken over and over again.

If you are by any chance one of those women and if you are tired of toxic relationship, it’s time to stop wasting your efforts on wrong guys. And so we bring you the list of the top 7 types of guys to avoid  if you finally want a healthy relationship:

  1. A Broken Man

This man has some shady things happening to him in past. Yes, you should feel sorry for him and be empathetic, but what you shouldn’t do is rush to save him. The truth is, you can’t save a man who doesn’t want to be saved and besides, that’s not your job either way. This man will be ready for a relationship only after he heals himself so if you deliberately choose to enter a relationship with him before he’s done with his job, you’re bound to get broken again.

  1. The Unabitions One

This guy has no goals in his life. He isn’t headed anywhere and he’s most probably been stuck for a long time now. A woman with aspirations should never waste her time on a man who isn’t going to challenge her, with a man who’s all talk but no words. His life’s motto is Whatever and that’s why you should avoid him at all costs.

  1. A Fuckboy

Now, this is a special type of guy we all hardly resist. A fuckboy is a guy who wants to have them all. He is never ready to commit and therefore you’ll only get your heart broken when you finally wish to move to the next stage of relationship because this guy will never actually date you. He’ll always have at least two other chicks aside and you’ll never feel like you’re the only one. He’s just gonna use you to get what he wants. You should most definitely avoid him unless you two want the same things.

  1. The Selfish One

Is there anything else needed to be said here? This type of guy always comes first. His needs are always a priority and you’ll constantly be expected to do walk an extra mile for him while he won’t bother to even lift a finger for you. You deserve more than this in life and with a guy like this you’ll never have a healthy relationship. Just move along, there is nothing to see there.

  1. A Rebound Guy

With a rebound guy it’s really tricky, but one thing is for sure, it’s always better to avoid them than to date them. This guy has just exited a relationship and he NEEDS time to process it all to be able to move on. If he just jumps from one relationship to another, know that it will end badly for you. This guy has emotional neediness, lingering feelings towards the old partner, and unresolved problems from previous relationships.

  1. An Addict

Don’t. Just don’t ever date an addict. Because this guy is toxic for himself let alone for his partner. There are high chances he’ll drag you into his addict world and trust me when I tell you, there is a little you could do to make him give up his addiction. He only has one love and it won’t be you.

  1. The Narcissist

We saved the worst for the end. There are so many things wrong with this guy and many reasons why you shouldn’t date him. His confidence relies very much on his arrogance. He spends too much time in front of the mirror. And he only cares about his looks and about the way others perceive him. Underneath that layer lies insecurity and a fear of being with someone more beautiful and successful than him. He will choose a woman who will give him compliments and feed his ego. As soon as she stops doing that, he will transfer his insecurities onto you, complain, and destroy your confidence.

There you have it—7 types of guys to avoid if you want a healthy relationship. Be patient and alert and when the right guy comes along you will be ready.

About the Author

Amel Sadikovic works with  herway.net 

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