Need a Romantic Vacation? 5 Unique places to eat and drink in the world

London. Paris. New York. These are the most sought after places that come to our mind when we say Romantic Vacation. But how about a dinner date in unique places—under the sea or in a snow castle?

Cozy restaurants with cute little cherubs smiling down upon you, a soothing orchestra in the background and a muted lighting – these cliches are simply not for everyone. Some couples like to take the rabbit hole instead.  Does ‘the uncanny, bizarre and ethereal’ fascinate you? If you are looking for a romantic getaway in the most unusual manner, here are 5 Unique places for couples to eat and drink in the world.

Casa Vlad Dracul, Sighisoara, Romania

It is here, where the bloody legend of Vlad Dracul or DRACULA started. Located on a secluded street in the misty town of Sighi?oara, this place houses one of the oldest and creepiest titles in history.  Birthplace of Count Vlad ?epe?, this historic mansion now serves as a restaurant, centuries after his infamous disappearance.Eat where Dracula's legend began

Upon your arrival, a friendly waitress will welcome you and show you the Count’s old room located on the first floor. This quaint eatery may come off as rather dull and straightforward, but for history lovers, this is a dream come true. The city as such is picturesque and the restaurant is worth a visit. If you love to dine in seclusion, this is your place. It is generally empty, and you will not face any problem booking a table. The menu includes a wide variety of local, Romanian and Europian cuisine, with many vegan-friendly options.

If you want to dine and drink with Dracula, this has to be on your list! Good for a romantic vacation? Absolutely

Cabbage and Condoms, Bangkok

romantic vacationLove Thai food? ‘Cabbage and Condoms’ do not come with a quirky name; it comes with mouth-watering authentic Thai food, great selfie spots, and a romantic ambiance. This unconventional restaurant in Bangkok makes a profit towards a cause. It is one of the major attractions in Metropolitan Bangkok, thanks to its unusual concept and interesting decor, the restaurant has attracted international attention.

Mechai Viravaidya, ex-politician, philanthropist and owner of Cabbage and Condoms addresses sexual health through his Condom-Themed restaurant. Lifesize mannequins dressed head to toe in condoms including one famous Captain Condom, Condom bride and even a Father Christmas. But the theme is half the fun. The restaurant’s menus will not disappoint you. With an exhaustive menu that doesn’t limit itself to Thai food, this eatery is perfect couples looking for a quiet evening.

Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

Authentic Filipino cuisine awaits you amidst the cool calming waters of Labassin Waterfall! Give your feet a breakromantic vacation from shoes and walking as you approach the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant. This restaurant is a part of Villa Escudero Plantation and is a relief from the Filipino heat. The tables are in the open, at the base of the waterfall with native Filipino dancers dancing to soothing traditional music.

One look at their sumptuous Filipino platter and you won’t regret coming here. The restaurant serves food made in Bamboo and leaves, a tradition still followed in many parts of the Philippines. With no compromise in taste and a heavenly ambiance, the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant is an ‘ethereal experience for senses’.

Snow Castle of Kemi, Finland

dine in Finland's Ice Castle Spending a day in this Snow Castle is nothing less of an arctic adventure. This hotel is entirely made of snow and ice! Snowy walls decorated with beautiful carvings, shiny pathways winding throughout the castle, lead you to the main restaurant, completely set in ice, even the table, and seats.

The hotel is the largest Snow Fort and houses many other attractions such as a theatre, adventure land and a chapel for weddings! This winter, wonder may not fall on the budget-friendly side; however, the experience is entirely worth it and can be a very romantic vacation.

Ittah Undersea Restaraunt, Maldives

Saving the best for the last, we have Ittah Undersea Restaraunt.Maldives

Quiet dinner date 5 meters below sea level surrounded by the ocean and all its magnificent ‘creatures’ – romantic! This unique underwater restaurant promises you a 360° panoramic view of the coral reefs. An occasional peekaboo from marine animals may startle you, but the quiet ambiance and luxurious menu perfectly compliment the background.

If you are planning on visiting Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, this restaurant is a must-visit. Bringing together luxury and adventure, Ittah is a ‘Once in a lifetime experience’. This unique aquarium style restaurant pampers you with a wide variety of dishes and cocktails. With premium-quality caviar, lobster, foie gras on the menu, and a bottle of Andre champagne to wash it down, luxury is what they promise. The restaurant has even received a Certificate of Excellence and tons of good reviews from customers. But make sure to reservations well ahead in advance, as this underwater diner pays special attention to privacy and seclusion, with a limited number of tables.

Go ahead and take your pick. These restaurants promise you a lifetime of experience on your romantic vacation. The normal is boring. And like a very wise man once said :

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.
—Paul Coelho

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Jessica Smith has been writing for a few years now. She is a writer by day and reader by night. Holding on to her passion for travel, she believes that traveling helps her see the world and new culture.










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    Your blog is very interesting, Romania is certainly a lovely place with good food. Even the Thailand, there are lovely places and delicious food. The Philippines certainly has some culinary peculiarities to discover.

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