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Romantic Relationships in a Social Media Generation - Self Improvement

Romantic Relationships in a Social Media Generation

Everyone wants to be loved and be “in love.” It’s human nature to want to be in a relationship. That’s one of those broad generalizations, I make now and then, but for once it is true. There are many different types of relationships, but in this article we are talking about romantic relationships, how they have changed over the years, and what they look like today in this social media generation.

Let’s begin in the 1950s

In the 1950s life was somewhat like the sitcoms that were popular at the time — Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie, and Harriet (for a good laugh watch one of them). The man was dominant and the “breadwinner.”  The “housewife” stayed home, cared for the children, cooked and cleaned and was basically submissive. Girls were coached to go to college and find a husband—preferably a doctor or an attorney. Sex was not a topic discussed in polite conversation and divorce was seriously frowned upon or whispered about. And, except for a few mavericks and women who worked as secretaries, teachers, nurses or salesclerks, the gender roles were clear—men went to work and women stayed home.

Along Came the 60s

Then came the 60s with their “make love not war” mentality and the publication in 1963 of Betty Friedan’s book, The Feminine Mystique which launched the women’s liberation movement. Many women wanted more. They wanted work that recognized and utilized their significant talents, and they wanted equal pay for equal work. They wanted more opportunities in the workforce. In short, they wanted significant change. They wanted equality. More women went to college, not to find a husband but to prepare for a career. The sixties also introduced the Playboy Club and its Bunny waitresses, the “pill,” Woodstock, and put a man on the moon. By the end of the sixties we had women’s liberation competing with the sexual revolution. No wonder we went forward confused about what the social mores might be. What happens in relationships when the partners are now equal and independent?

Fast forward to the 21st century and 2018

Things are vastly different in the 21st Century. We survived the upheaval of the end of the last century. We’re beginning to settle in.

Today women hold jobs in every field. They are CEOs of major corporations, leading talk show hosts, state and national representatives and senators, and candidates for the Presidency. They are in leadership positions in almost every field. While there are still some pay inequities, there are few limits and restraints for the ambitious, talented woman—the Alpha Woman. Women now have a choice. They can have a career and/or motherhood if they choose. By and large, most men have adjusted to this new woman and have come to rely on her in the workforce.

But what has happened to relationships?

While marriage is still the norm, it is more and more acceptable for a couple to live together and raise children outside of marriage. And marriage has broadened to include same-sex unions.

The Internet has brought us a whole new world of information and connectivity available to both men and women. We have become a social media generation. Mobile phones have introduced us to texting, sexting and talking-on-the-go. We no longer go to church or work to meet potential partners. We can visit dating sites looking for  a  friend, a possible romantic relationship, or find someone for sex “with no strings attached.”

Riches of Wisdom on the Internet

The vast changes have brought with them some degree of confusion about the roles of men and the roles of women, especially in relationships. We have spoken of the “alpha male” for years and now were are meeting the “alpha woman”— a woman who lives a full life with professional achievements, partnerships, and activities. If you are one of these, there’s good news for you (and for the men in your life who will be glad you found it). Orion’s Method was designed to help alpha women  “awaken their inner goddess so they can embody a sexy confidence and attract their soulmate.” Yep. They’re out there. And just because you are a powerful, accomplished woman (or man) doesn’t mean you don’t want a loving relationship.

Appreciate the differences and find your own path

It is up to you, both men and women,  to make your own choices. You decide what you believe and why—about love, marriage, children, career, religion, spirituality, governance and what you want for dinner. If you want a strictly traditional relationship, go for it. Or, if you want a career and a relationship, go for it. If you are an alpha male looking for an alpha woman or vice versa, go for it. Start by identifying and clearly defining in detail what you want.

It’s all out there.

Go get it.

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