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How to Survive Your First Vacation as a Couple - Self Improvement

How to Survive Your First Vacation as a Couple

To have a successful vacation as a couple, you and your partner need to prepare for and embrace all the layers that aren’t captured in the travel brochure. They can’t be covered by the travel brochure because they deal with you as a person.

Vacation as a couple

Social media is a highlight reel. Usually, when we browse our social media newsfeeds, all we see are the images our friends want us to see. Think about it – what pictures do you usually post on Instagram? I bet your everyday life is not as awesome as your Instagram makes it look.

When our friends post pictures of them vacationing with their partners, all we see are the highlights. I assure you there are more layers to a couple’s vacation than can be shown in a series of Instagram posts or portrayed by a travel ad.

The hidden layers that make or break a couple’s vacation have nothing to do with the destination, but your nature as human beings. This is how you survive both the expected conflicts and unexpected bumps in the road on your first vacation as a couple.

Murphy Is Not Your Friend

If there is a situation that Murphy’s Law applies to the most, travel is it. Plan your vacation as if anything that can go wrong will go wrong. If you don’t plan to make it to the airport on time, you will miss your flight. If you don’t put together a detailed packing list, you will forget the most important item.


While travel is perceived as all fun, it can also be very stressful if you don’t plan it all out effectively. If you are traveling as a couple, the one thing that needs to be managed is expectations. If you have lower expectations or no expectations at all, you won’t be mad when reality doesn’t align with the ideal image you hold in your head.

Just For This Time Only, Forget About Camping


If you are traveling as a couple for the first time, you need to be as comfortable as possible. Camping and outdoors trips (unless you’re both very experienced) presents a lot of logistical and comfort issues that may get in the way of actually just enjoying each other’s company. You want to make your first trip as hassle-free as possible.


To eliminate most of the tricks Murphy might have up his sleeve, you can let a professional travel planner handle the planning of the tiny details of your accommodations. You are in luck as there are several awesome inclusive couple’s vacations nowadays.


This is your first trip and you want to make it one to remember. Go with something luxurious like a couples all-inclusive to a faraway place or even just visit a nearby city. If you can afford it, go top-shelf with the accommodations. You don’t want the little things ruining your vacation, or worse, your relationship.

Have an Itinerary Ready


You don’t want to get to your destination only to start arguing with your partner about where to go and what to do. Even if you think you are the most compatible couple ever in the history of relationships, I guarantee you that you have some divergent views on what constitutes ‘having fun.’

To prevent such disagreements, sit down with your partner and map out a general itinerary. You don’t have to follow the plan to a T when you get to your destination. The purpose of drawing an itinerary is to have a general map, so you and your partner go to the trip with similar expectations.

Honey, We Need to Talk About Money


There’s one topic that couples fear bringing up: money. The paradox is that money is one the major causes of disagreements between couples. Why they would fear to talk about money when it is that critical to the success of their relationship is mind-boggling.


To avoid arguments about money during your trip, have the talk. To be on two separate budgets for one vacation is a recipe for disaster. You are a couple now. It’s one vacation and needs to be one budget.


Don’t stress yourself out about money, though. The point of a vacation is to have fun and not to worry about minutia.

Expectations Between the Sheets


Having a sour taste in your mouth because your partner does not have the same view as you about getting intimate on vacation can result in you growing apart rather than growing closer during your vacation.


There isn’t anything that can bond a couple as much as mutually enjoying romantic time between the sheets. Whatever works for both of you is fine – just make sure you are on the same page or one of you could end up disappointed.

Allow Each Other Some Time Alone


Even if you are madly in love, everyone needs some time alone. Being around the same person ‘round the clock can be taxing.


Allow each other some time alone. For a few minutes during the day, one person can go out shopping alone while the other enjoys alone time in the hotel room. You can also choose to experience certain attractions alone. Even just getting to relax alone and spend some time scrolling on your phone can be a nice break.

Try to Avoid Unrealistic Expectations


If your happiness depends on you meeting your expectations then the greatest travel hack to ensure you return with a big smile on your face is to not have any expectations at all.

Since you are two different people traveling together, achieving that state is almost impossible. The alternative then is to not put too much emphasis on how the success of your trip portrays the kind of relationship you have with your partner.


You can have a successful relationship without having a successful trip. That is not to say that you shouldn’t aim to have a successful trip.

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