Your Circle is Your Destiny

People often wonder what the most determining factor of success is. Many qualities can indicate if you will be successful in your personal life or business. Most of these qualities are behavioral. They are habits that you have adopted throughout your life. However, there is one external and visible sign that stands out among all others. That is your circle of friends—The people with whom you surround yourself.

Impact of Your Circle on Your Decision Making

The decisions that you make throughout your life are based on the information you gather. The quality of the resources available to you determines the quality of your decisions. When you choose to be in the circle of successful people, you will naturally have access to resources, which have proven to produce success. On the other hand, the circle of less successful people is filled with misconceptions, myths, and wrong beliefs.

Having access to better sources of information leads to better decisions and predictable success. However, the real effect of successful people on your life goes beyond access to better resources.

Your Circle Expands Your Horizon

The most important impact of your circle is on your perspective. When you hang around with more successful people, your perspective and beliefs will start to change. What used to seem impossible will begin to look quite possible, or even inevitable. What you believe to be true or possible is deeply rooted in your belief system, which is affected by your environment. The reality that you live in is a consensus reality, which is built out of the opinions of those around you. The circle of the successful people can redefine your reality and expand your horizon.

The Conformity Effect

Every ecosystem in nature tends to reach an equilibrium or conformity. Humans are no exception. People in the same community strive for conformity and sameness. People who are less successful tend to subconsciously pull their peers down. That is a subconscious reminder for them that they are not alone. Successful people, on the other hand, find joy in pulling others up. Conformity is a basic principle of any ecosystem, including human interactions.

How to Enter The Right Circles

Considering the undeniable effects of the environment on your success, you should exercise great discretion about how you choose your circle. Now, you may wonder how you can enter the circle of more successful people. After all, if everyone wants to be in a circle of people who are more successful, why would more successful people want you in their circle?

Fortunately, advances in technology and ease of communications can be of great help. Joining the right circle is more of a mental association than a physical one. Once you follow successful people, you will begin to adopt their reality. This could be in the form of reading their books, their blogs, attending their seminars, and so on. You can also provide services to such communities in return for access. Prove yourself helpful to the community. Joining the circle of more successful people is hard work; the kind that pays off handsomely though.

In conclusion, your circle defines your destiny. There’s no better way to predict your success than to see with whom you associate. Try to identify and enter the circle of more successful people. Study those who are the most resourceful in your field and make a conscious effort to enter their environment. It’s only then that you will start adopting their reality, and, in time, you will see the same results as theirs.

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Eric Amidi is an author and a scientist with extensive background in Physics, Neural Networks, and self-development. He writes in subject areas spanning self-improvement and productivity. Follow Eric on twitter at @DrEricAmidi or read more about his tips and advice at

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