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How’s your intuition? Do you pay attention to your “gut feeling?”  Or, when your head tells you something to do “out of the blue, how much do you trust that information? If you couldn’t answer with “yes” would you like to develop your intuition?

Last week we talked about the importance of intuition to navigate change. Now we will talk about technology designed for the specific purpose of helping you develop your intuition.  Because I have been using it for a couple months, I am excited about the results. These results are so positive that I want to share them with you.  My guess is, it will work for you, as well. You probably already know that meditation is key to any lasting self-improvement and many of us struggle to get into a meditative state. This program helps you with that.

Synctuition is the first binaural audio technology in the world that helps increase intuition through unforgettable realistic 3-dimensional sound journeys into your mind that you experience through your 6th sense. Psychologists, neurologists, musicians, top sound engineers and meditation experts worked together to create Synctuition. As a result of this work, they learned to mix 4 amazing technologies into a single soundwave to deliver you incredible results.” Cutting edge. Pre-launch.


The Show’sGuests:

Allan Eesmaa

develop your intuition
Allan Eesemaa, Co-founder

Nicknamed Mr. Jeeves,  Allan Eesmaa is the technical architect behind Synctuition. He’s the guy who used his technological know-how and people-skills to find the right people all around the world to make Synctuition a reality. Allan’s background is in musical sound wave optimization and he’s skilled in psychology, neurology and human behavior. In addition, Allan likes really high skyscrapers.


develop your intuition
Romet Preismann

Romet Preismann

I learned about this amazing program from Romet Preismann who is a personal development enthusiast, speaker and Synctuition Ambassador. He believes that all the answers to an abundant and happy life are already within us. In addition,  Romet joined the team because he believes that Synctuition is a very powerful and efficient tool for achieving these goals through a journey of self-discovery.


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