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July 27 Paula Meir: Your Life Your Way

Getting you S**t Together

Many of us have been told along our way in life to “get our s**t together.” We really wanted to be able to do that but didn’t have a clue where to start. Sometimes we couldn’t even identify exactly what the s**t was but we knew something wasn’t together. We would have fixed it if we could identify it and how to do it. On this show, Paula Meir, author of “Your Life Your Way: A Practical Guide to Getting Your S** Together,” is going to help us with this project. If you are feeling stuck and can’t go backwards and are afraid to go forward, this may be exactly the show you need. Get ready to “Pack away your old emotional baggage, dial down the drama and learn how to have a tough conversation.” Paula will help us see how it is possible to get our s**t together. We all have some. So be sure to put this show on your schedule.

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Paula Meir’s Bio

Based in London, Paula Meir is a qualified executive coach, author, master practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and director of the communication consultancy, A House Called Alice Ltd. She provides coaching and counsel to a number of board level and senior leadership executives. Prior to setting up her own consultancy three years ago, she spent over 20 years as a global HR director and has extensive experience across North America, Erope, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Her debut book “Your Life, Your Way: a practical guide to getting your s**t together” is currently on Amazon’s Top 100 Hot Sellers List.

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