10 Essential Yet Easy Habits That Will Benefit Your Whole Family

There’s no reason why you wouldn’t want a healthy, and therefore happy, family. By developing good, proper habits, you and your family can minimize the risk of common health conditions, live to a ripe, old age and still have the energy and fitness you need to enjoy life to the fullest, regardless of what generation you are.

However, with lifestyle design being such a booming industry right now, it can be hard to know what to focus on, and difficult to nail down what habits are worth forming, and which ones are the most beneficial, especially when the entire family is getting involved.

Today, we’re going to share everything you need to know in the form of a top ten list of the best, easiest and most helpful habits, that are going to help you and your family live their best life. So, let’s jump straight into it!

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#1 – Talk About Your Body Positively

The way you look and talk about yourself and your body is the way that your children are going to grow up and see themselves, which is why it’s so important to talk about yourself in a kind and caring way. Your children will then grow up feeling the same way.

Even if there are parts of your body you would like to look a different way, don’t forget to talk about the positives of your body; such as your strength for being able to lift your children or some kind of positive feedback.

#2 – Don’t Eat from the Packaging

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve grabbed a bag of chips or cereal box and just started eating straight out of the packet. This is a problem because it’s impossible to portion yourself, impossible to know how much you’ve eaten and impossible to stop.

Of course, no time passes, and you’re at the bottom of the box, and you’re left feeling guilty you’ve finished them off, and all the food’s been eating. This is something your kids are going to copy and pick up from you.

Instead, simply grab bowls or cups and portion everything out. Not only does this teach good habits, but you can also watch how much is being eaten, and you’ll have more to enjoy another time!

#3 – Eat Enough Fruit & Veg

The recommended daily dosage is five pieces of fruit and veg every single day, and it’s surprising how many people and families don’t manage to hit this suggestion, even though it’s really easy; and incredibly beneficial to your well-being.

Simply have a piece of fruit with breakfast, and another piece at lunch, and then a final piece after dinner. Then, have two types of vegetables with your dinner, and you’ve hit the five a day! Any more than that is an added bonus!

#4 – Have a Meal as a Family Daily

It doesn’t matter what time of the day this meal is, it’s important for families living together to spend time together, and there’s no better time than meal time.

Simply have one meal a day where you all sit together and get to catch up on everything that’s been going on to help boost and improvement family relationships. (Editor’s note: This is, of course, with phones turned off and left somewhere out-or-reach)

#5 – Get Kids Helping Out

Hand in hand with the consideration above, when you’re making dinner, it can be a good idea to get your children involved in meal prep. This is not only more time you can spend together as a family, but when it comes to things like vegetables and healthy food, if your children helped prepare it, they’re far more likely to eat it.

#6 – No Distractions in Family Times

Carrying on from the points above, when you’re eating dinner as a family, a healthy habit is to eat mindfully which means eating without distractions, such as smartphones, tablets, computers or televisions.

“You can do this after dinner by cuddling up on the sofa, which is another recommended habit. Practice being mindful at the task at hand, rather than dividing your and your children’s attention up over different activities” shares Nina Smith, a health blogger for Paper Fellows and Eliteassignmenthelp.

#7 – Put Your Marital Relationship First

As a parent in a relationship, it’s important you put your relationship with your partner first, even that before your children. You could have a date night once a month, a glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed, or anything just, so you have the opportunity to spend some time together.

The happier you and your partner are, the happier your entire family unit will be. Focus on yourself and nurturing these relationships.

#8 – Get Outside Together

It’s very hard to stay angry, in a mood or upset when you’re walking around outside with your family. Be sure to take a walk, at least once a week, to a local park or around the neighborhood or wherever you want, just to get outside and get some fresh air.

Leave devices and electronics at home and really engage in actual conversation with your family members and enjoy the time you’re having together.

#9 – Play Games

“As we get older, when tend to lose touch with what made us a child and forget to appreciate the simple things in life, like the ability to be playful. We have a lot to learn from kids, and there’s so much they can teach us, so play games with them and connect on a childish level” explains Sarah Hardy, a lifestyle writer, and blogger at Academized and Boomessays.

#10 – Be Open About Life

There are a lot of things in life which a lot of parents are afraid or don’t want to talk about; such as safety plans in a natural disaster (if you live in a prone area), fireworks, disease, drugs, sex, alcohol and all of those sorts of things.

However, if your children don’t learn about them from you, they’re going to find out some other way which might not be the best way. There’s no reason why you can’t be open about it.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways you can optimize your family life by introducing some simple and healthy habits that everyone can follow. The more often you follow through with these habits, the easier they’ll get, so what are you waiting for?

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Nora Mork is a lifestyle journalist and blogger at Ox Essays. She shares her knowledge and experience by consulting brands and people and writing articles for magazines and blogs, such as Big Assignments and Assignment writing service.

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