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3 Ways You Can Improve Yourself While Improving the World - Self Improvement

3 Ways You Can Improve Yourself While Improving the World


You are reading this because you are most likely trying to find ways to improve yourself. What if you could, at the same time, improve the world?

When it comes to your self-worth, you may find yourself doubting yourself on the grounds of all too human behavior like selfishness or anger. Don’t beat yourself up about it, because it happens to everyone. Berating yourself will only make you feel even worse, and nothing will change. It’s human nature to respond with unpleasant behavior to unpleasant circumstances. However, as a sentient creature with the capacity for rational thought, there is an imperative to improve yourself for the sake of society at large. Here are a few tips to help you do just that.

Improve Yourself/Improve the World

Donate to Charity

For those with the means, donating to charity is a no brainer. There is always the assurance, if you have the resources with which to contribute to charity, there are people who have it much worse than you, and your money can go toward improving the lives of others. Whether you donate to a children’s charity or a disaster relief fund, you can vastly improve someone else’s situation with what is most likely a sum of money that isn’t nearly as valuable to you as it would be to them. This type of kind gesture is one predicated not on effort, but on sharing what you already have and do not need. Despite this, charity remains something that can impact the needy more than the well to do individuals that contribute. Paying forward your bounty to others is a tremendous boon to humanity.

Help Others Directly

Where charity is less labor-intensive but more demanding of resources, there are a number of ways that you can directly help others in need if you lack the resources to donate to a cause. Whether it be community service, doing someone a favor, or volunteering for a disaster relief project, volunteering your body instead of your money is a great way to make the world a little better and make yourself a better person through your kind actions. Volunteering projects come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so as long as people need a helping hand, there will be ways that you can help. For example, volunteering in a soup kitchen is a popular way for people to help the less fortunate, and even being a volunteer fireman, while more like a job, is still a way in which you are providing a service to people in need without benefiting from it yourself. Sacrifice is the cornerstone of kindness, so giving yourself to a cause is a noble pursuit and a way to improve yourself at the same time..


Not to be confused with “armchair activism” or “slacktivism” that entails merely talking about pressing issues in society, proper activism involves a much larger, much more demanding effort on your part to change society for the better. There are a number of social issues at play in the world today that need to be addressed, and there are a number of individuals and groups taking steps to change things for the better. Championing a cause, especially one that doesn’t pertain to you directly, is a great way to better the world and yourself. Activism can at times be risky, though it’s difficult to argue that it’s not well worth it. Activism is the primary means by which the broader injustices of the world are supplanted with more egalitarian policies and behavior, and the world needs more activists.

While there may be some lingering doubt in your mind, there’s no shame in making mistakes from time to time. However, there is some shame in refusing to improve yourself, because once you have identified your very human flaws, once you can do something about them, you become responsible for them. The only way to be a better person is to decide to, and that entails getting out there and seeing the world for the beautiful, but complicated place that it is. The planet you call home has its own flaws, but fixing those flaws starts with the individual. Keeping these ideas in mind, and searching for more opportunities, you can train yourself to be a bigger and better person tomorrow than you are today.


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