When The Soul Knows Its Worth

What is the the worth of the soulhuman soul, where is it? Our soul is a part of our Creator and always belongs to Him; it is the essence of God existing within every part of us. Unlike our ‘higher self, ‘which belongs exclusively to us, our soul is our Creator existing within us. What happens to us when we become oblivious to our soul and how important it is in our lives? We lose touch with the pure love that accompanied us in our life and all that it embodies, frequently leading us to a desolate place where we believe we have no worth or future, or that we can never achieve our greatest hopes and dreams. It is the land of broken dreams and shattered hearts; a place where no one aspires to visit. Yet it is a crowded place, this land of worthlessness and hopelessness.

How do we arrive at such a destination? We get lost, much like making one wrong turn after another on any trip where we simply lose our way. We have a better opportunity to arrive safely on a trip if we are given proper directions and instructions, yet many people are denied this in their formative childhood years for a host of reasons. Others get caught up with friends who have already lost their own way and follow them, imagining that they may know a short cut to happiness or a better way to navigate through life. Probably no one made painstaking plans to arrive in their own personal hell, but it happens.

You cannot return from such a hellish place until you are willing to get comfortable with acknowledging the existence of a loving Creator that resides within all that is you. You have to allow yourself to feel the overwhelming love that exudes from that realization. It is overwhelming because it is not a form of love we recognize; it is not human but much, much more. It is a pure love that envelopes every part of us. This includes the good, the bad, the ugly and the possibilities that lie within us. All acceptable, all loved in spite of what has transpired. When you make contact with it you will be instantly aware. Even when all hope is lost, you are filled with hope, there is unspeakable joy without an outside event that caused it, and then there is unimaginable peace… all is well and there is a surety that it will always be so, no matter the appearances of anything you are facing. You are connected now to that source of pure love… and your soul knows its worth. Your value really is more than a king’s ransom.

Existing in this quiet and peaceful place we become aware that we are never alone, that we always have access to the highest counsel and a much greater understanding of our purpose here in this lifetime. We are not an accident or mistake; we are a carefully planned design with the hands of the Master leading the way.

When we know this, we make better choices, have a better understanding of the importance of waiting for His guidance to make better decisions and are far more careful about what we accept or believe to be the truth. We don’t fall for anything; we stand strong for the things that really matter, because we recognize what they are. Gone is the anxiety, fear, poor judgments and the belief that we have no options before us. ;Most importantly, gone is the idea that we are worthless or helpless… this is what happens Imagine, all of this was right there with us all that time!

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