4 Steps to Get Free of Hoarder Clutter in Your Home

If you look around your home and notice that it’s far more cluttered than you’d like, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. Although clutter doesn’t accumulate overnight, once it does accumulate, it only gets worse unless something is done. Fortunately, if you have good determination, you can defeat your clutter once and for all. To help you in your battle, here are four steps to get free of hoarder clutter in your home.

Clear Out A Room

The first step in getting rid of clutter is to remove everything from the cluttered room. If your entire house is cluttered, try to limit your work to a single room at a time so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Take everything to a large location, such as a garage or your backyard, where you can spread it out and go through it. Just make sure to work in an area that’s protected in case an unexpected rain shower occurs. Of course, you can try piecing through one item at a time Marie-Kondo style, but even this method works best when everything is spread out where you can see it all and form groups of similar items.

Sort What You Have

Once you have everything cleared out of a room, it’s time to start sorting your belongings. If you want to try and sell some of what you get rid of, you can make a pile for that. Otherwise, you can put things you want to throw away directly into a bin outside, things you want to donate in one pile, and items you want to keep in another.

When you’re facing larger items like broken furniture, old appliances, and just massive amounts of trash that have built up over time, the easiest thing to do is to hire a skip bin to be placed outside your house for you to load up. This saves you from taking trips to the dump and gives you a place outside your home to pile up all of that trash instead of indoors or on your lawn.

Make sure to be as ruthless as possible so that the next steps of the process aren’t harder than they should be. This means you need to avoid the “but what if I need it later“ excuses for keeping broken items, unused purchases, and spare parts and cords that don’t go to anything anymore.

Carefully Put it Back

Once you have gotten rid of everything you don’t want to keep, don’t need, and honestly doesn’t get enjoyed as a sentimental item anymore anyway, it’s time to carefully put back the items that remain. Make sure that you have various organization solutions in place so that you start with an arrangement that will assist you in finding long-term success. If need be, consider replacing furniture you own with more storage-friendly alternatives that can help you keeping everything put away. Another important tip is to try and label as much as possible so that you always know where everything is supposed to go. By the end, everything should have a place to go that is neat, looks clean, and as accessible as the use of the item requires.

Be Intentional in the Future

After you’ve organized a cluttered room, you may think your job is done. In reality, though, your job is just beginning. After all, you need to be intentional about keeping your room organized so that clutter doesn’t begin to show its ugly face again. Try to always put existing items in their correct location and ensure that any new items you bring into your home find a location as quickly as possible.

Becoming and staying organized can be a difficult process. It’s important, then, that you have some help so that you don’t slack when the going gets tough. By having someone to stay accountable to, you can increase your chances of success by a wide margin. If you are serious about overcoming the clutter in your home, this is an important element that you shouldn’t overlook.

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