4 Things Every Young Woman Should Do Before College

Adulting is a huge undertaking that often overwhelms the best of us. For young women, this undertaking can be exceptionally challenging. Before you become completely immersed in the complexities and challenges of adulthood, you should take a moment to think about what it means to be an adult and the things that you wish to accomplish with your life. For this reason, there are 4 things every young woman should do before she begins college.

Learn All You Can About Financial Responsibility

Independence and productivity as an adult will be contingent upon your level of financial responsibility. The years before college are an ideal improving financestime to learn all you can about personal finance. This means learning how to budget, save, and invest. Having some knowledge about the way that interest rates work is also a must. You should also understand how to maintain a good credit score. Once you enter college you will be bombarded with offers from credit card companies. You have to know whether or not you should get a credit card. If you do choose to get a credit card you have to be responsible in the way that you use the card so that you can maintain a good credit score. Also, if you must take out student loans to fund college, be mindful of the impact that repayment of a large loan will have on your ability to be financially independent once you graduate from college.

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Take a Gap Year

While a common occurrence in Europe, taking a gap year is less common in the United States. A gap year describes a year-long sabbatical taken by young adults after secondary education is complete but before higher education begins. In other words, it is a year-long break after graduating from high school and before college. Gap year programs after high school often involve travel, work or volunteer opportunities. Taking a gap year will allow you to explore the world and perhaps give you some perspective on what you might want to study in college. For young women, taking a gap year is imperative because later in life women often become immersed in career, motherhood, and marriage. Each of these things carries with it additional responsibilities that can be difficult to juggle. The gap year will present you with the opportunity to focus on yourself without a myriad of distractions.

Learn Self Sufficiency

 Thriving as an adult means being self-sufficient and having the capacity to take care of everyday tasks. For instance, you should know how to do laundry, how to change a tire, and how to cook some basic meals. Once you go to college the ability to do the aforementioned tasks will make your transition to adulthood much easier. Your parents are not going to be there to complete these tasks for you, so having the ability to do these things with confidence is extremely important.

Learn to Appreciate your Worth

 Women, both young and old, are often plagued with insecurities and misgivings concerning their appearance and their worth. College can present additional challenges as it relates to building interpersonal relationships. In all of your relationships, be it romantic or platonic, make sure that the people you form friendships with are like-minded and add value to your life. Don’t be afraid to walk away from unhealthy relationships. This is an important lesson to learn early in life because bad company truly does corrupt good morals.


Indeed, engaging in the aforementioned things can assist you greatly in the transition to college. Taking into consideration each of these tips and learning what it means to be a responsible adult will be a great benefit to you in the future.

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