4 Tips For Men To Enhance Their Health And Wellness

Staying on top of your health and wellness can oftentimes be put on the back burner when there are other daily tasks that need to be taken care of first. Eventually, lots of men start to put their personal wellness at the bottom of their priority list because of the common belief that they don’t need to tend to their health until they are in intolerable pain. However, you should put your health at the top of your priority list, because when you feel good it will trickle down into all other areas of your life. Keep reading to learn more about how men can enhance their personal health and wellness to achieve a happier, more fulfilled life.

Visit The Doctor Regularly

Did you know that men are less likely to visit the doctor than women? Some men would rather avoid awkward conversations with their doctors regarding uncomfortable health topics than seek professional help when they aren’t feeling well. However, the benefits of regular checkups outweigh this excuse, and luckily with the right mindset and some preparation, men can become more comfortable with visiting the doctor.

First up, shake the thought that talking with a doctor about your health is awkward. Health professionals go to school so that they can appropriately approach any health concern, no matter how awkward it may be at first. Feeling nervous is completely reasonable but can be decreased by doing your homework beforehand.

For example, a topic that men typically find uncomfortable to discuss is erectile dysfunction. However, if you do some light research before your appointment like learning what the causes of it are and what erectile dysfunction medications exist, it’ll be easier to engage in a conversation with your physician. Other health conditions that are sometimes difficult to mention are excessive sweating or constipation. However, it’s better to be comfortable with the uncomfortable than to go without properly diagnosing a condition. It’s important to have some background information on what you’re going to the doctor for so that the appointment can be as efficient as possible.

Aside from going to a healthcare professional when you suspect a problem, there are routine exams and tests that should be run yearly to ensure good health. Be sure to schedule an annual appointment for cancer screenings and other routine exams once you reach age 35.

Eat Well And Hydrate

On top of regularly visiting the doctor, men should maintain a healthy diet and hydrate their bodies daily. On average, your diet should consist of the following each day:

  • 2 cups fruit
  • 2 ½ cups vegetables
  • 6 oz grains
  • 5 ½ oz protein
  • 3 cups dairy
  • 5 cups of water

Keep in mind that these are recommendations for the average male and that there are free online tools you can use to make a diet plan accurate for your own needs. The main goal here is to ensure that you are properly fueling your body so it can function its best and help you maintain energy throughout the day.

Eating well also promotes better long term health because as we age our bodies can be greatly impacted by any junk that we’ve consumed in the past. If you’re unsure of where to start or what eating habits to adjust, looking into joining a healthy eating program that gives you the tools to eat a better-balanced diet.

Create A Fitness Plan

To supplement a proper diet, a consistent exercise routine should be executed simultaneously. It is recommended that individuals exercise for at least 30 minutes every day to get their heart rate pumping. Physical activity has the power to keep your heart healthy and prevent aches as aging occurs.

If the thought of exercise scares you, then think of it as more of 30 minutes to yourself each day doing something to better your health and well-being. Exercise doesn’t have to be just weight lifting or running necessarily. It could be playing ball in your backyard, going for a walk at a local trail, or even just turning some music on to dance. The important thing is that you’re moving around and releasing endorphins. Not only will exercise make you feel better physically, but it also boosts your happiness levels.

Indulge In Self-Care

Taking care of your mind and body is extremely important, especially as we age. It’s a common misconception that self-care trends are only for women, but men need self-care time just as much. Self-care looks different for everyone, so don’t worry if the things that bring you peace are different from what others around you do. Some ideas for self-care include:

  • Morning yoga
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Massage therapy
  • Skincare regime
  • Reading

The list of self-care practices can go on forever. Find what works best for you and make it a point each day to engage in this activity. Consistently taking time for yourself will give you the opportunity to relax and destress, and in turn, improve your mental state.

Take time for yourself and put your health first. Your body will thank you, as well as those closest to you as you’ll be setting yourself for a longer, more prosperous life.

About the Author

Maddie P. is a health-focused writer who believes in spreading awareness on health and wellness best practices in order to help people live their best lives.

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