4 Ways Self-Love Is The Key To Happiness


Self-love is something that is important for our happiness but isn’t usually talked about in our society.

Instead of focusing on loving ourselves, we compare ourselves to other people’s success and start chasing that which is a recipe for unhappiness and negativity.

Yet there are many benefits to loving ourselves such as:

That’s why today I am going to show you how loving yourself can boost positivity and happiness in your life.

Let’s get started.

1. Self-Love Is A Way For Inner Reflection

It’s those moments of peace and quiet that really make a difference in finding out who you are in life.

Before you can start loving yourself, you have to know more about yourself.

That’s why meditative practices such as:

  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • And Journaling

Are all beneficial to loving yourself and that is because it gives you time to learn more about yourself.

When you have more time to learn about yourself, you can start to figure out the things you like and don’t like about yourself.

It’s important to be honest about yourself as we need to figure out the things we don’t like about ourselves to start making a plan to change it.

Plus, figuring out the things that we like about ourselves and continuing to remind them is a way to help boost our self-esteem.

Figure out the stuff that you really like about yourself and keep it in a journal.

It’s important whenever you are feeling down or in a slump.

You will feel happier over time as this turns into a habit.

2. Self-Love Puts You In A Positive Framework For The Mind

The reason why loving yourself is incredibly important is that it changes the perspective of your mind.

Forcing yourself to find things that you love about yourself can be hard at first because we like to focus on the things we lack.

When we start to stop loving ourselves, our self-esteem starts to drop.

The problems with low self-esteem is that:

  • It promotes watching more television
  • More binge drinking
  • Obesity

And other unhealthy activities that lead to a spiral of negativity.

That’s why you need to focus on the things that you like about yourself first and truly visualize it.

When you do this, it forces you to stop being in a negative framework for a second. The magical part is that when you are in this positive framework, the endorphins will let you keep this “happy rush” floating in your head so you can maintain being positive longer.

3. Self-love Puts You In A State Of Gratitude

When you are continually practicing self-love it makes it easier to put you in a state of gratitude.

Being grateful for the little things you have in life is the recipe for happiness in life.

Happiness is just a state of mind and being grateful for your:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Environment
  • Material objects you currently have

This helps you put in perspective that not everyone has the same situation as you.

4. Self-love Makes It Easier To Connect With People

Self-love is a powerful way to connect with people. When you are confident in who you are as a person, people will find that attractive and will want to connect with you.

This is also great when you want to:

Relationships with other people who share similar values is also another component to finding happiness.

It’s only when you can be true to yourself and have a tribe that you can connect is where you will be the happiest.

How To Practice Self-Love

Now that I explained the benefits of self-love to you it is important to realize the idea that now we have to practice it daily in our lives.

Here are the best ways to practice it.


  • Find Time For Yourself For One Of These Habits


You need time for reflection on your life and who you are.

That’s why you want to pick one of the following habits below to find your inner reflection:

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Journal
  • Yoga

You want to find a habit that takes away all the distractions in life and allows you to focus to figure who you are in life and want you to want out of it.


  • Create Affirmations On Yourself


Affirmations are a powerful way to improve yourself because it works on the subconscious mind.

You want to create affirmations such as:

  • “I am worthy to be loved.”
  • “I am confident and can handle any situation.”
  • “I am a friendly and lovable person.”

When you create affirmations you want to make sure that it is:

  1. In the present state
  2. Something that you want in the future

It’s powerful because it helps your mind see opportunities to act how you visualize in the future since your brain can’t distinguish between reality and dreams.

Use this to your advantage.

3. Look At Yourself Into The Mirror And Say You Love Yourself

When you look in the mirror there’s a primal instinct behind looking physically at yourself and telling why you love yourself.

It’s a bit weird at first, but it’s a powerful practice in building your self-esteem.

The reason why is because looking directly into your eyes and giving reasons why you’re amazing not only puts you in a positive mindset, but it influences your mind with a connection.


I have talked about the benefits of loving yourself and how it can influence your happiness by putting you in a positive framework as well as a time to learn more about yourself. It also allows you to put you in a state of gratitude and connect easily with people.

I also talked about how you can start practicing self-love by creating positive habits, creating affirmations, and looking at the mirror and loving yourself.

Which tip did you find the most helpful below? Let me know in the comments!

About the author

Anthony Nebel is a freelance writer who is obsessed with self-development. He has tried everything from meditating, journaling, fasting, and writes about it all on his blog, AnthonyNebel.com, on his personal transformation as well as marketing hacks you can use for your business.

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