5 Easy Ways to Manage Your Stress and Transform Your Day


Everyone deals with stress, but some people manage it much better than others. If you are finding that stress is taking over your day and making it tough to complete regular tasks—and let’s face it, this is totally normal right now—you are not alone. Here are 5 super easy ways to manage your stress and transform your day.


Exercise may technically stress your body, but it does so much more good than harm. In fact, aerobic exercise can be just as good for your head as it is for your heart, since it gives you endorphins, which can actually help you to relax and de-stress. Once you get into a routine that you like and are comfortable with, you may even begin to look forward to the little break that your exercise regimen can give you from your day. Even if you don’t consider yourself an athlete, start out by trying a short 20-minute walk around the neighborhood and see how good it makes you feel!

 Try Something Natural

If you feel like you need stress relief quickly but don’t want to rely on a prescription for your anxieties, try something like cbd gummies to take the edge off. CBD is completely safe and non-habit forming, and should not be confused with marijuana, which also contains THC (which is what causes the classic side effects of being high). Gummies are the perfect solution for those who prefer not to smoke and also for those who want to be in total control of their dosage level.

 Schedule Some Social Time

The pandemic is making it very hard to stay social, but having little to no social interactions can have a terrible effect on anyone’s state of mind. Meet up with a friend or two for some safe outdoor dining, or have some friends over for a safely spaced outdoor get-together. If you are not yet ready to see friends in person, schedule a Zoom meetup so that you can catch up from a safe distance. Use this time to talk about your feelings and the problems you have been experiencing. Talking about your issues can really take some weight off of your shoulders and relieve stress, so let your friends be your sounding board! You never know how much your interactions may be helping them either.

 Make Time for YOU

With all of the time you have been spending at home lately, it may feel like all you have been doing is having “you” time. However, really think about what you have been doing while quarantined. Have you been doing chores that you’ve put off for months? Have you been cleaning out your basement or garage and finding unused items to sell or donate? These are great things to do while stuck at home, but what are you actually getting out of these tasks? Ensure that in the midst of all of your work that you are also taking the time to do things that make you happy. Watch a fun movie or read a good book. Pick up a new hobby or revisit something that you loved doing in the past. Your home should be your happy place and not just a place where you are continually working.

 Eat Well

It is very easy to fall into the trap of carry out and delivery orders when you are stressed out. Who wants to spend their free time cooking a meal? No matter what you eat, try to make some healthy choices when possible. Unhealthy food can make you feel sluggish and can also make you gain unwanted weight, neither of which are helpful to your stress levels. Treat yourself if it makes you happy, but don’t overdo it.

It is easy to become stressed and depressed during these crazy times. Take some time for yourself and make healthy choices—both mentally and physically—and you will get through this.

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