5 Tips for a Dream Career: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

Finding and pursuing a career you love is the first step to living a satisfied life as an individual. With a few well thought-out steps you could find yourself settling into your dream career.

Do your research

We didn’t say it would be easy. You need to arm yourself with the information needed for the kind of job you want and the current state of the industry. This way, you won’t be caught off guard by market realities or any volatility that may happen.  You can utilize different places and mediums to maximize your research on your preferred career or job position. There are various online resources for example that can give you a list of software engineering jobs available if your interested in pursuing a career in that field.

  • What are the current market trends?
  • What is the SWOT analysis vis-a-vis your qualifications, skills set, and experience?
  • Who are your probable clients?
  • Who will be your competitors?
  • How has the market evolved over the years?

Exercise good networking skills

When it comes to landing your dream job or achieving a great career, you’ll need to give wings to your inner social butterfly. Networking is important because the job you want may not be advertised at all. Don’t worry too much about being perceived as annoying, pushy or self-serving.  Accept invites to and attend social events organized by individuals in fields of work that interest you, and be ever ready to flash your charming smile at those events. While you’re at it, strike up friendships with people who might help generate useful information and job or client leads.

Create a professional look

Those tight miniskirts and low cut blouses won’t cut it when you are trying to land your dream job or carve a niche for yourself in your dream career. To present yourself in the best possible light, you need to build a professional wardrobe. Dress like you would like to be addressed. Study the dress code of the industry you are aiming to work in. How do the industry highflyers dress to work? You do not have to go for the most expensive outfits at this point, but clean, well-fitting attire can get you closer to your ideal work status.

Cast a critical eye over the items in your wardrobe and pick out those things which you know are inappropriate for the workplace. This is no time to be sentimental, but you can be forgiven for saving that gorgeous red dress for a Christmas party at your new office or an industry gettogether.

While you are at it think about your overall image. Think about the makeup you wear. Make sure it blends flawlessly well and complements your skin and look. Jane of BeautySchoolDirectory says a great professional outlook is one of the great takeaways of the right career training to help you become your own boss or manage individual clients.

“You’ll be doing what you love, helping solve people’s problem and getting a fair reward for your efforts and passion. All of these would naturally combine to make you exude a general positivity that should be reflected in a great appearance and attitude,” she states.

Also, remember to cap your gorgeous look with a charming smile with sparkling, perfectly-aligned teeth. Worried about any crowded teeth, lost tooth, unpleasant-looking gaps between teeth and other dentition problems? Thanks to modern technology, that can be fixed and transformed in no time!

Learn how to sell

Yourself.  You are likely going to be attending lots and lots of networking events and interfacing with potential clients. Your ability to present your skills, experiences, and ideas could be a deciding factor in whether or not you get the client.

Selling yourself efficiently can be as simple as:

  • Backing up claims with specific examples
  • Displaying resourcefulness in problem-solving
  • Using proper non-verbal communication (proper eye contact and good posture)
  • Showing enthusiasm. Enthusiasm shouldn’t be difficult to drum up at a client interview especially since it’s about work in the career of your dreams. Of course, learning how to sell yourself may also come in handy if you’re literally looking for a sales job.  

Be positive

You cannot hide positive and negative feelings. They tend to set the tone at every meeting you attend. It is advisable therefore to consciously maintain feelings of positivity during this period. Feelings of discouragement might begin to set in when it starts to seem like you have been at the hunt for longer than you envisaged it would take. Boost your morale by practicing useful habits such as

Which of the tips above did you find most useful? How are you implementing them?

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