5 Tips to Throwing a Bachelor Party of a Lifetime!

Every best man is tasked to make the groom’s last night as a bachelor memorable. That’s why a buck party must be prepared to celebrate this occasion. If you are one of the guys who is asked to host a bachelor party for your best mate, note that while it’s a fun activity to pursue, one must be meticulous in handling this in order for it to be successful. Hence, to give you an idea of how to throw the party of a lifetime for the groom and your friends, here are 5 simple tips that you can do:

Secure the Location

Location is key when you are throwing a party. The venue should be an ideal place for the occasion. That’s why you should prepare this before anything else. If you are planning to have a rowdy night with your mates, make sure that the place you are getting is private enough. You wouldn’t want anyone to witness the ruckus right?

Also, take note of the budget. While it’s tempting to throw an expensive party with all the fun stuff with it, the budget would still have a major hold on what activities should be included, who to hire and invite, and where should it be held.

If you have the budget, you can opt for a high-end bachelor party. However, if the budget is tight, you can simply throw a party at home. In fact, some say that this is better since you can have complete control over the venue. Plus, you’ll have all the privacy that you’ll need, so everyone can definitely loosen up easily.

If you are around the area, you can also try contacting Wicked Stag Parties NZ or other sites that offer bachelor party packages and ask for an affordable venue. Contacting the right team can surely help you in delegating some tasks to lighten up your load.

Choose the Right People

Sure, it’s easy to invite all the random blokes in you know, especially when you are excited about the event. However, keep in mind that no matter how great the party is, there is still a high chance that it’ll be ruined because of the people in it.

That’s why you should keep the list to a minimum. Only invite your solid buds. You may invite the others, but you can save the late night party to your circle. Also, it’s important that you seek out the groom’s opinion. After all, this is his day, so his preference should be your top priority.

Lastly, before you drown yourselves in booze, let the people who are invited know that the party should be about the groom. We all know that one friend who goes destructive after a drink or two, so limit these kinds of people or warn them beforehand.

Limit your Social Media Post

There are various reasons why you and your gang should limit your social media posts. If you don’t want to cause any strain in the relationship between the groom and the bride, then don’t post too much. Because this is a bachelor party, it’s easy to get these pictures, videos, and posts misunderstood. However, this depends on the couple though.

If they are an open couple, you shouldn’t post too much still. Chance is people in your circle who are not invited might see your posts and take this negatively. Though it’s not likely, it’s best that you just limit these risks.

Drink Moderately

Some may think that the highlight of a bachelor party is the booze. However, buck parties don’t always revolve around getting wasted. There are so many things that you and your gang can do aside from binge drinking. Remember, if everyone is too drunk, monitoring the place is much more difficult. And with everyone drunk, anything can happen so just minimize these chances by drinking moderately.

It would help if you are going to limit the alcohol that you are going to buy. As long as you are not encouraging everyone to overindulge, then everything would be fine. Instead, invest in memorable activities like games, lively conversations, dancing, and the like. This is just a bachelor’s party not the end of the world. You guy still have to attend the wedding afterward so don’t do something you guys might regret in the end.

Provide Enough Food and Drinks for Everyone

Lastly, provide a steady flow of food and drinks for everyone. It doesn’t have to always be about booze. Provide a variety of cocktails, juices, water, and the like. For the food, it’s best if you ask the groom what kinds of dishes he prefers.

Also, this is the best time to ask your mates if they have food allergies, or if they are not allowed to eat certain dishes because of religious reasons. Doing so will keep everyone safe and satisfied.

Planning a bachelor party might be stressful, especially when you are tasked to do this. However, with the tips suggested above, you will surely have an idea on how to proceed onwards. Just don’t overthink too much. As long as you are putting the groom’s happiness on top of everything, then you’ll definitely throw a successful buck party of a lifetime.


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