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5 Ways To Detox With CBD To Slow Down Aging Now - Self Improvement

5 Ways To Detox With CBD To Slow Down Aging Now

For a large population of society, middle age is a time in life where you discover a newfound interest in health and wellness— a subject that appeared boring when your elders went on about it.

Stuff like back stretches, vitamin D, antioxidants, and toxins, are now topics of friendly discussion as you decipher the code to slow down aging.

Toxins are very real, and some of them can really speed up the aging process. Fortunately, your body has ways to eliminate them and therefore slow down aging, but sometimes it takes extra measures to flush them out.

Luckily, those of us who hit middle age in the 21st century can take advantage of the natural alternatives that have quickly become viable options. One option has gained popularity and even resulted in the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill: CBD.

Now federally legal, many consumers are looking to detox with CBD. It is not only non-toxic itself, but it can also help rid your body of daily toxins.

  1. Quitting Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking tobacco ages you.

That’s because it shrinks your blood vessels, including all the little capillaries that go to your skin. Your skin ends up undernourished and starts to break down ahead of schedule.

And that’s just how you look – the damage that smoking does to your internal organs can also make you feel older.

But of course, if quitting smoking were easy then everybody would have done it by now. And while CBD is no magic bullet, there are ways that it can help.

Research indicates that CBD may be able to help with anxiety, sleep, and pain. Thanks to these properties, it can come in handy for symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, which include nervousness, irritability, insomnia and headaches.

Another perk of CBD is that it comes in vape-safe oils. If you enjoy the physical ritual of smoking, it can be a way to ease off the nicotine, and also keep your mouth too busy to overeat (which is another symptom of nicotine withdrawal).

  1. Cutting Back Alcohol

A little alcohol isn’t bad for you, and if you’ve ever seen birds get drunk on overripe berries, you know that it’s also quite natural.

But drink more heavily, and your body definitely starts reacting to the booze like it’s a toxin. As far as slowing down again, alcohol does not help. A buildup of these toxins can not only lead to classic hangover symptoms like nausea and headaches, but can cause you to look much older.

If your body has adapted to alcohol, though, then going off it can bring on symptoms similar to going off nicotine. In fact, the anxiety and insomnia can be worse, because unlike nicotine, alcohol is a sedative.

So CBD’s calming properties can be helpful for going off the sauce too. And if you’re drinking alcohol in the first place to help with stress and/or sleep, a CBD-infused drink can make a reasonable substitute.

  1. Going Off Pain Meds

When asked how to prepare for the 40-year-old milestone, there is but one piece of advice: “Get shoes with good arch support now, before the pain starts.”

It’s depressing but true: once you’re past your fourth decade, it seems like you’re dealing with one darn flare-up after another. Pain medicine goes from something you’d occasionally take for a headache to a constant reality of life.

But pain meds can be toxic in their own ways.

Common painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen can irritate the stomach, and stronger stuff like opioids can have dangerously powerful sedative properties — not to mention the high probability of dependence.

Fortunately, CBD has proven to be useful for chronic pain. The endocannabinoid system that CBD helps to regulate plays a role in managing your immune system, and can help control inflammation. It can work systemically by swallowing or inhalation and can target specific areas with topical formulations.

  1. Detoxing Your Garden

OK, this isn’t a property of CBD so much as the plant it comes from — hemp. But it can still be useful in detoxing your environment.

If you’re worried about toxins that might turn up in your produce, and you have space and time for a backyard vegetable garden, that could be the ideal solution. (Plus, no store-bought tomato tastes as good as a garden tomato, amirite?)

But, depending on what it’s been doing before, your soil may have things in it that you don’t want in your food. Pesticides, heavy metals, and other pollutants could be left from previous growing efforts or as runoff from nearby work sites.

Fortunately, hemp has impressive powers of bioaccumulation.

It’s a fast-growing plant that can absorb a great deal of toxic substances in a short amount of time without dying. So while you wouldn’t want to consume hemp that you’ve used for this purpose, it can clear the way for the things that you do want to eat.

  1. Adjusting Your Diet

There’s a whole range of detoxing diet programs out there, each with their own beneficial set of properties for a varying range of body compositions.

To some, lactase is toxic. To some, gluten is toxic; and to those with really troubled innards, a whole range of foods might be off the table. It’s always best to consult your doctor or nutritionist about how best to clean up your diet.

Generally speaking, though, these programs steer you away from highly processed foods towards more natural, “whole” foods. This usually means foods with a lower caloric density, more fiber, and lower satiety.

While this is good for you in the long run, making sudden changes in eating habits can be difficult for the body to adjust to — especially as we get older. Your gut flora are adapted to the diet you’ve been eating, and a rapid increase in fiber intake can distress your digestion.

Fortunately, that same endocannabinoid system that can help fight inflammation can also help steady your digestion. It’s already used to help fight nausea, and early research indicates that CBD may potentially contribute to a reduction in appetite.

All these measures will help reduce the stress on your cells, and stress is really the most aging thing there is.

With the help of reputable CBD oil companies like cbdMD, you can detox with CBD and this powerful, natural alternative can help you stay calm, cool, and clean.

Author Bio

Amy R.  Born in New York and raised in northern California, Amy joined cbdMD after spending 17 years as a business reporter in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, visiting museums, watching movies, and fantasizing that she’ll one day finish her novel. To read more about CBD, check out the cbdMD blog.

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