5 Yoga Poses for Confidence and Inner Strength

In life, one of the most important things is inner strength. How bold one is, defines the way he or she leads his/her life. Life on this planet is a journey, in which one is tested numerous times, on a number of occasions. The biggest challenge in front of you is to pass each of these with ease. When you are loaded with confidence, you do so and do not get stuck up in the middle. Yoga has been guiding humans for more than 5000 years ago and it is probably the best way to experience inner bliss.

If you are looking to enhance your power to perceive the path of life in a deeper way, there cannot be a better way than Yoga. Read on to learn about some amazing confidence-booster Yoga poses that you should practice every day.


Side Plank or Vasisthasana is one of the finest Yoga poses for self-confidence. Side Plank differs from a Plank in a way that the latter is practiced on both palms but in the former Yoga pose, only one palm is in action. Also, the body is tilted on one side. While the pose nurtures the arms muscles in an amazing way, the balance of the body also gets enhanced. You should repeat this posture both ways 4-5 times to get more benefits. When you include this asana in your daily routine, your blood circulation hikes up to another level, which is extremely effective in boosting one’s ability to face difficulties.

Urdhva Dhanurasana

Urdhva Dhanurasana is also called Chakrasana, for its shape as a chakra (wheel) during the practice. The whole body comes in the position of a wheel while the palms and toes are in contact with the floor. To begin with, lie down on the mat. Bring your feet close to the head to put the soles flat on the mat. Slowly and steadily, by pushing the ground with the palms raise your pelvis towards the ceiling. Stay firm in that position by concentrating your eyes on a single object. This is an advanced asana that is very beneficial in opening up the chest and strengthening your muscles. Your determination to stay focused in the position will enhance your inner strength.


Forward bending exercise is known for so many reasons, of which mental calmness and back pain relief are major ones. Standing straight on the ground with both feet together, bend in the forward direction to make sure the nose is near the knees. Put your palms on the ground in line with the feet and don’t let your knees bend. During the practice, the brain is below the heart, sponsoring a better circulation of blood in the mind. Along with calming the brain, this asana helps in the proper functioning of the mind, body and soul. A practitioner emerges as an advanced fighter in case of any scarce situation.


Attain the vibrant energy of Lord Hanuman when you indulge in the practice of Hanumanasana. Filled with a number of health and soulful benefits, Monkey Pose is practiced in a fierce way. Kneel down on the Yoga mat with the knees apart. Move your right leg in front and the left one behind. Make sure both legs are entirely in contact with the floor making 180 degrees between them. The hands are up in the air in Namaskar pose giving it a spiritual touch. This asana nourishes your thighs muscles. It is all about self-possession, which is what you will experience after practicing it every morning.

Pincha Mayurasana

Pincha stands for feather and Mayura for a peacock. This is a forearm stand pose and one of the most challenging poses. The difficulty faced during its practice comes with a lot of benefits including the strengthening of muscles. The asana is useful in making the brain calm and the body balanced. Inner confidence is the elemental form of a composed mind and gritty soul, which the practice of Pincha Mayurasana promises to offer. During the pose, the forearm and palm remain steady on the ground while the rest of the body is in an erect position in the air. If you are not able to do in the beginning, take help of a wall to attain perfection.

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